VR Interactive Sex Toy Users - What's your favorite Sex Toy position?

Curious to know if there is a popular consensus position that everyone likes to use with their Sex Toys.

I would like to help gather and pass on this info direct to studios in order to help them shoot better user friendly, real world use scenes, as well as optimize scripts for.

I’ve recently brought up this helpful missing feature at SLR, so hopefully viewing angles/positions will be showing up as either icons or tags at SLR soon, as this should be really helpful for those that like to fully immerse in certain positions during their sessions.

1 - What position do you prefer to use the most while using your Sex Toy in VR?

(Please select 1 choice)

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Lying Down
  • Kneeling (on your knees)
  • Other (feel free to comment or specify below)

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Other - Recliner chair, so sitting, lying down or somewhere in between.


Sitting but I am different from most users I think. From pictures I have seen and with hands-free setups it looks like most sitters have their Handy oriented vertically. I don’t want cum flying around everywhere, and especially not to get any inside my Handy so I put a towel on the floor to catch drips/emissions and use the Handy horizontally.

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I also use a recliner chair and often times I am in between.

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Thanks for the votes so far guys - Really surprised at how many use their toys lying down, so this is great to know and pass on, but please feel free to keep voting!

@BuckNekkid - trying to picture how you actually use yours - do you use your Handy handsfree or just hold it horizontally basically?

@8ioni @Jeremy1247 - a recliner is actually probably best of both worlds use - do you guys use yours with or without handsfree?

95% of the time I am holding it horizontally. I have a hands-free setup that honestly feels amazeballs but has many faults so I don’t use it that often.

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I don’t have access to a 3D printer and haven’t really looked into those clamps at this time. But I do use a blanket and the weight of it actually keeps the handy in place, plus I feel cozy Lol. So it is hands free but not what you normally think. I do have to readjust the handy from time to time especially if I adjust my posture or recliner during the scenes.

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@Realcumber - I’m still using a Launch, so Handsfree with a blanket wrapped around it is very effective. I built a small base for it, using the styrofoam packaging it came in, which made it very stable. The versatility of that setup is one of my favourite things about it and it’s something I’ll miss when I do move on.

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I use my toys in bed with a bunch of pillows propped up behind so I’m in sort of a reclining position but can still easily look forward. Ultimately I still think that counts as laying down though because my legs are horizontal.

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