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VR production suggestions

Together we made 2021 Originals a huge success. Let’s see what we can get for the next season while our production teams are enjoying their vacations. Specifically looking for interactive features as it works really great with VR.

We already have some plans for harem and outdoor scenes and the top out of the top cast. Might be doing some edging scenes as well.

Just let me know. There will be more news from @Realcumber and @raser1 coming on interactive updates.


-More Melody Marks (she’s amazing)
-More Bella Rolland (not nearly enough VR scenes with her)
-VR scene of getting a BJ under a glass table
-Similar lit scenes like the DarkRoomVR videos. Something about the lighting makes you extra immersed.
-VR shoots where there are other people facing away “unaware” sitting or doing something else away from the action going on behind them for that true “public” vibe


More cosplay videos. This most recent one with Melody marks and Blake Blossom as the sailor moon girls. Top fucking notch. Currently the only place (that I know of) to get good cosplay besides what slr originals and occasional real jam produces is vrcosplayx.


How aboot just some simple slow scenes.

To be more precise I’m talking about slow all throughout. No fast hand strokes, no fast head movements. Something like a VR Klixen, the heat map shouldn’t have any red.

Or perhaps a series where the speed has a cap.
Blowjob series with a cap of 120
Riding series with a chap of 180
Piper Perri fucks the Hulk with a cap of 900


I can’t second this enough! My biggest problem with VR porn is that they’re all so bloody intense! There are like three VRedging videos that are nice and slow, but everything else tends to be 10 minutes of warmup, followed by 30 minutes of super fast, super hard intense fucking with no breaks.

It doesn’t pair well with the Handy…for me at least!



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for me its the opposite i need very fast. Most are too slow and not doing it for me.

Also i’m slowly getting bored with the POV VR positions there is just so few positions you can do with it (i think it was vrbangers that tried a new position recently in a scene with lauren philips but it looked really forced and uncomfortable. But thats why i liked the Deepinsex “gape me” scene where the pov at the end changed in non-pov.

But i would say some high quality lesbian only scenes like brazzers hot and mean series with enough closeups as there is not a lot of those on the SLR (sinsvr has releasead a few recently, but for the rest its mostly done by lower quality studios), or a lesbian scene with anal as there are just 8 of those on the site (although as you click on it you only see one).

As for the interactive i remember London lix did something as a promotion for the handy it was a bit like those joi videos of wank it now where the girl teases you and tell you to jerk off but in this case she “controls” your machine with her phone. these could be fun easy to script and not too expensi
ve to make.

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Let’s figure out what a perfect edging scene would be. Give me some for a reference

In all seriousness, check out the list of scripts on ScriptAxis that are sorted slowest-to-fastest

I suppose everyone has different tastes, and that’s fine, but it seems to me that the niche of slower, more intimate and ‘realistically’ paced scenes is totally not being filled in VR, and I’ve spoken with a bunch of people online (and a few of my more open-minded friends) who seem to agree. Would be nice to see more of it as an option, at least! :slight_smile:


Out of all my scripts this is probably my favorite. It’s not the best bj nor is the girl the prettiest, but it translated to the handy very nicely.
Edging scenes are great, but licking and lip rubbing just doesn’t really script as well as straight up D in the mouth.

Things I would love to see in future VR scenes.

  1. Slower pace mouth and hand action

  2. Stopping, no actions for 5-15 seconds

  3. Keep the models movements a bit more robotic, head and hand twisting just reminds us of what the Handy/Launch can’t do.

  4. Vocal interaction from the model, but not just the usual dirty talk but more breaking the fourth wall to add more immersion.
    Example: the model stops “I’m going to put your cock in my throat, but before I do add some more lube to your toy”

“I love being in control of your stroker”

“Don’t look at your toy, look at my eyes”

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More shiny black leggings and tight shiny mini dresses. Also, more tease/foreplay and sex while dressed all sexy like that. Cum on legs or leggings would be a great change up from the usual as well. The style of “Angel The Dreamgirl” would be great in VR. That style (or hire her!!) would be awesome!! The clothes, lighting, tease, just wow… hot AF!

More “Angel The Dreamgirl” videos…

Thanks for listening to our feedback!

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Porn Music Videos (PMV) - SLR style

Could be a popular new sub series to create professional quality PMV VR videos. Just edit from current SLR library, add music, and a matching script. Making them free for members would be a great treat!


Some edging favorites…

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Stop doing 1,5hrs long videos. There is little to no point in doing videos that you have to watch over several sessions. Very few wanks for 1,5hrs straight to get a release. Do two shoots with the same girl(s) instead. up to 45-50 min is acceptable IMHO.

Another issue with VR productions in general is that the girls often enter the scene wearing sexy and enticing outfits, including sexy high heels, but everything is ripped off in the first few minutes, usually before the action starts. I do understand that it is hard for the girls to perform in heels, and probably harder in VR compared to 2D shoots, but at least try.


Definitely more of these will be coming soon


That sounds amazing. Checking with production team how do we get it


I would like to join sentinel and MnM01:

  • Shorter scenes: about 45 minutes is a sufficient amount of time
  • Please try to keep the outfits and high heels on during the action.
  • More shiny materials.

Some fetish videos with soft bondage would be cool. Czech VR Fetish has done some, but too few and too far in between.

My favorite is soft rope bondage like this one (the only shoot that they did since it required someone that knows how to do the ties safely):

Latex action like this would also be appreciated:

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Checking with production team on that

just personally speaking i would like some more milfs , preferably british ones, i love an experienced woman handling a cock, handjob/blowjob and centre of a gangbang/ bukkake would be on my list that tina kay one SLR did is incredible and the veronica leal 8 guy one. my ultimate would be rebecca moore taking it from a gang of guys, she is a hot milf. sophie anderson could help her out they are filthy together but rebecca moore is conspicously absent from VR dunno why?