VR reverse request contest


Well, I think it’s about time to do a comeback to VR scripting. This contest will be very similar to my last one so please READ THE WHOLE POST CAREFULLY BEFORE LEAVING A COMMENT.

I want to make it fun to you all, so please be respectful towards others and read the rules.

The rules:

  1. You can only pick VR videos made after 2021 (so anything between 2021-2023). You can pick any studio, but I only have access to SLR and POVR so if you choose something out of these 2 sites you will have to be able to send the video to me somehow.

  2. Video lenght limit: 60 minutes

  3. You pick 2 videos - one for yourself and other one for the user before you. Here is how it works (refer to the comment example if you don’t get it):

    3.1. At the end of your comment leave 2 video tags that describe your type of scene. Use only SUPER GENERIC tags so it’s easy for next person to find something for you. For example if you like blondes and vaginal sex type “Blonde & Vaginal”, if you are into gangbangs and anal type “Gangbang & Anal”.

    3.2. The next person leaving the comment here should add a link to the video with these tags and a link to the video they like. Add a small screenshot for each video too.

    3.3. The same person adds their 2 tags at the end and so on.

  4. Add a number from 1 to 200. Use only unique numbers, you can check avaliable numbers here.

  5. I will roll a number and pick the video I like more in your comment, so try to choose both videos you enjoy.

  6. If you see the comment before you is against the rules, just ignore it. I will try to actively moderate this topic, but it can happen.

  7. Only straight content allowed (no lesbian, gay, trans, etc.)

  8. One comment per user.

  9. The videos can’t already be scripted or on someone’s WIP list. Use search function to check it.

  10. If you don’t follow the rules I will edit your comment with a reason. Don’t edit it, make a new comment so others don’t get confused.

  11. I will give you a like if your submission is accepted.

  12. I reserve the right to skip your request if I find the videos very unappealing to me. You can refer to the picture below for my types of pornstars. I’m a tight body type guy (for both teens and milfs) who don’t like very noticeable face modifications. The picture is only for reference, there is a lot of variables that can affect attractivness (e.g. make-up). If you are not sure you can always DM me.

Comment example:

Previous comment left the tags: Blonde & Blowjob. The next comment should look like this:

Number: 200
Video for the previous comment: Swallowbay - Karma RX - The Magic Blowjob


My video choice: POVR Originals - Valentina Nappi - Be my valentina

Next 2 tags: Brunette & Cosplay


WINNERS (checked box means it’s already scripted, empty that it’s work in progress):

@xaxMrAxax with 24: Back in Vegas - FuckPassVR - VR Porn Video | SexLikeReal

First person gets to choose 2 videos.

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Number: 42
No previous comment. Threfore two videos

VirtualRealPorn - Kiara Lord, Cherry Kiss - The Dominatrix 2

My second video choice: LustReality - Jessy Jey - Die Wiedergutmachung

Next 2 tags: Stockings & Cosplay

A script was released today for the video I picked first. I therefore have updated my submission



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Since @comrade420 doesn’t have two video propositions, I’ll make my post based on @linuxguy 's post.

Number : 53
Video for the previous comment : One Punch Man A XXX Parody - VR Cosplay Porn Video | VRCosplayX

My video choice : Weekend Warrior - MILFVR - VR Porn Video | SexLikeReal

I can provide both videos if needed.

Next 2 tags : Big tits & Cowgirl


Number: 11
Video for the previous comment: Simon Kitty - Sensual Curves - SinsVR

My video choice: POVR Originals - Scarlett Alexis - Make It Up To You

Next 2 tags: Threesome & Pool


Number: 69
Video for the previous comment: Poolside Hot Fuck: Alexia Anders VR Porn | POVR

My video choice: Super Smash Holes Ultimate: Clara Trinity VR Porn | POVR

Next 2 tags: Blonde & Creampie


Number: 24

Video for the previous comment: https://www.sexlikereal.com/scenes/back-in-vegas-32353

My video of choice: https://povr.com/realjamvr/anal-as-consolation-6320447


Next 2 Tags: Anal & Squirt


Number: 117

Video for the previous comment: NAUGHTY AMERICA Up her ass April Olsen

My video choice: VRHush - Every Last Drip - Alex Coal


Next 2 tags: Redhead & Creampie

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are there scripts to these

These are not scripted, but some might get scripted if people are lucky. Please read the first post for more information.

Also I will choose the 1st winner after I’m done with my WIP script (its on my script index)

Number: 151

Video for the previous comment: Clean And Cum: Keely Rose VR Porn | POVR

My video choice: Nice Catch! Allie Addison, Scarlet Skies VR Porn | POVR

Next 2 tags: Small Tits & Asian


Number: 175

Video for the previous comment:
She Is The One Named Lulu Chu, Lulu Chu | WankzVR

My video choice: Look Who’s Sucking Too Chloe Temple, Kay Lovely
| WankzVR

Next 2 tags: dark eyes and small tits

(edited as one of the videos was over 60 min)


Number: 100

Video for the previous comment: Miami Vice - Hot Threesome with Sexy Latina Hookers

My video choice: Don't Be Jealous - Hot Pornstar Angel Gostosa VR Porn

Next 2 tags: Threesome & Cosplay


Number: 81
Video for the previous comment: Sexy Asian Bunnies; Asian MFF Threesome Bunny Cosplay

My video choice: Every Last Dribble

Next 2 tags: Big tits & Garter belt


Number: 123
Video for the previous comment: Corner Office Anniversary - Lingerie Big Tits Office Sex

My video choice: I Want My ACC!

Next 2 tags: Big tits & Tattoos


Number: 188
Video for the previous comment: Big Boobs For My Baby - VRLatina | SexLikeReal

My video choice: Merry Christmush - VRLatina - VR Porn Video | SexLikeReal

Next 2 tags: Big tits & Asian

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Just a remainder: I will choose the 1st winner tomorrow or this weekend. I’m not sure how many videos I will script this time so for a guaranteed chance to win you should act quick :wink:

Number: 66
Video for the previous comment: The Dragon Roll Lady - Big Tits Asian Pornstar POV

**My video choice:**Sorority Hookup: Pajama Party with Coco Lovelock VR Porn Video in 4K-8K | VR Bangers

Next 2 tags: MMF & anal


The first number is:

Congrats @xaxMrAxax! I will script the video for the previous comment:

Of course anyone is still welcome to submit a request, I will try to do at least one more script after I’m finished with this one.