Vr site/script help

I’ve just started to get into using VR content and I am a bit lost in regards to subscription sites for content. Does anyone have a list of VR sites that have script functionality already with them? I only know of SLR.

CzechVR includes scripts for free and are available with a subscription.

NaughtyAmericaVR also has scripts. There is a discussion thread here regarding that because the scripts are auto-generated with manual touch up afterwards. Some think the scripts are decent enough, others think they aren’t good enough and overpriced (they require an additional subscription package I think). They are also only available as long as the sub is active, i.e. a kind of a rental.


hmm are there any other vr sites that have better scripts?

I can’t recall any other sites having scripts at all. There were some sites e.g., WankzVR, that had scripts several years ago, but those were meta-files and not funscripts. They can be converted but are very low quality and barely in sync with the videos.

I don’t know what you mean with “better scripts”. The older CzechVR scripts where made by the main scripter at SLR and another guy that I’m not sure if he is active anymore. Nowadays there are other scripters at CzechVR and scripts are included for free. As far as I know all other sites requires you to pay extra for scripts.

If you want scripts for other sites you have to look at RealSync or free and paid scripts here at ES.

i meant in relation to naughty america but ill check out czechvr.

the old czechvr scripts are good the newer are not so good (still might be better then naughty america’s script as they are AI handy scripts, and AI is just not yet good enough without extensive editing by a human).

And Like Sentinel said if you want good scripts the only places you can find these are SLR, Realsync, and some of the scripters on here.

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