Vr video editor

Hi Everyone!
is there any vr video editing software that can handle 8k videos for free? (or cheap) It just needs to be a simple cut and paste program and a simple transition between the clips.
And preferably good quality after rendering (up to 8k).
I’ve tried losslesscut and virtualdub/avi demux but then the finished video and the script don’t sync when I use the OFS/motion tracking funscript generator. (OFS detects the different clips in the merge video when I scroll through the finished video. OFS freezes for a second when I rewind over an old clip.) I think the problem lies there…
I’ve tried with normal video files (not vr) and the same problem there, but when I use shotcut (video editor) it works (the script syncs with the finished video and OFS doesnt recognize the old clips after rendering in videoediting software).
any suggestion anyone??

Maybe DaVinci Resolve? It’s free and has a lot of features for video editing.

Thanks for a quick reply!!
looks like a good video editor!! but according to their website it’s only free up to 4k.
Is there no simpler free program that can handle up to 8k?

Maybe shotcut will work. Shotcut is open source and free. 8K support is mentioned in features, but I’ve never tried that.

Thanks for a quick reply!!
I’m going to try shotcut right now!

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