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I have had my Reverb G2 for less than a week so I am super new to VR trying to learn the basics. I am struggling with video quality in many files. I thought it was a resolution issue but I have a 1440p video that is crystal clear and some 2160p vids that are rubbish (like watching a 320p flat video in full screen). Is it a refresh rate issue? Also I am borrowing someone’s question from Emp in hope of getting a quick answer here:

When searching for various VR downloads, they are all labeled with different terms in their description. What’s the difference between torrents labeled Oculus, Oculus Go, Gear VR, Desktop VR, Vive, etc? For example:

[[WankzVR] Higher Learning Featuring Adria Rae, Kali Roses (Oculus) 6k Remastered]
[[WankzVR] Higher Learning Featuring Adria Rae, Kali Roses (Oculus Go) 1920p Remastered]
[[WankzVR] “Higher Learning” starring Adria Rae & Kali Roses (DesktopVR)]
[(wankzvr) higher learning (Adria Rae, Kali Roses) GEARVR]

Are there major playback quality differences between these formats and if so which should I concentrate on to play best on my G2?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Reverb G2 is the one connected to the PC, right?

If so what are your specs? It might be an issue with your GPU not being able to render the videos. Honestly I would also aim for the highest quality videos if you are connected to PC unless your grahic card don’t support the higher resolutions.

Different studios just have better/worse video quality regardless of bitrate/resolution. To see the best video quality you can get, Czech VR 8K videos are a pretty good bet. As are Virtualtaboo and SLR Originals. Studios like Lethalhardcore VR tend to be fairly near the bottom in terms of video quality, although they can be trumped by individual botched videos such as Badoink VR’s Charly Summer scene which I’m pretty sure has made it into the all time VR Hall of Shame. VR filming techniques are rapidly advancing and as a result you do get a surprising number of videos where something went very wrong - but when it all goes right, it looks glorious.

The only difference in different versions of the same video is the resolution/bitrate/quality. Different versions of videos are encoded to the max capabilities of different devices. For example, the Oculus Go has a max resolution playback capability of ~4K, so Oculus Go files are 4K.

You have a Reverb G2, among the best headsets on the market. If your GPU is up to it, always get the best quality version you can, with one notable exception:

BADOINKVR AND SISTER STUDIOS - Do not get their 7K versions. Badoink VR films videos at 6K and upscales/downscales for 7K/5K respectively. They have not figured out upscaling and their 7K versions are, to be frank, fairly atrocious. 6K videos look best with these studios.

Also, a note about Wankz VR and their sister studios. The jury is out on their remasters, many say they can’t tell a difference between their remasters and original versions. Others say the remasters are better, others still say the remasters are actually worse.
Personally I think the difference is a small one. It’s perhaps worth it for their remasters of older videos (1600p), no discernable difference with their remasters of newer videos (2300p). But at the very least, their remasters don’t tend to be any worse to my eye so all things being equal getting the remasters can’t hurt. It just might be a bit less efficient, but if you have a high end headset and PC you won’t need to worry about that!

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I have a GeForce GTX 1080 which I believe goes to 7680x4320@60Hz and I am playing them thru DeOVR if that makes any difference.

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