VR videos displaying wrong

I’ve been trying to watch these videos [(https://bit.ly/3i0B7Dq) (https://bit.ly/3iwZmYY)] but when I pull them up on my Quest 2 it displays wrong and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get it to display right. It’s not my headset because other videos work just fine. (They’re both WankzVR and I got them from MEGA if that is important) they’re the only downloaded videos I’ve tried aside from this one (https://bit.ly/3i028qK) which works fine

What do you mean by wrong. I play this videos on my quest 2 and deovr works great

It looks like either just a 3d square or a stretched destroyed image depending on what settings I choose

As a general rule, VR videos encode the viewing parameters in the filename. Most commonly, you’ll see “180” and “LR” in there to cue the player into using 180 degrees of left/right stereo vision.

If you’re retrieving the video under a different name, those cues might be missing. Then you’ll have to tell the VR player what viewing parameters to use (hopefully only once, as it should remember the settings for each file if it’s properly written). There are some videos that require something different, but most are LR 180.

I’ve gone through the available options for viewing that deovr has (unless I’ve missed any somehow) and I can’t seem to figure out how to make it work, is there any way to check?

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