VRBangers + VRConk + more will be gone from SLR within two weeks

:x: VRBangers, VRConk, Dezyred, VRBGay, VRBTrans are OUT - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos (sexlikereal.com)

VRBangers + VRConk + more will be gone from SLR within two weeks : oculusnsfw (reddit.com)

Curious to know what script producers who are making or who have made scripts for these two studios under SLR plan to do.


Ah damn, that’s a bummer. That’s a loss of about 700 of their nicer videos. I hope they increase the download limit, atleast for these studios, so people can secure the scripts/videos. I think it would be a good gesture for those with long-term subs as it is content that they would otherwise have been able to enjoy.


Really needs to be some solution for the scripts going away for people who have paid for script subs. Stuff like this–content that was previously available going away–that leads people to piracy.


Strange thing someone pointed out to me that a lot of VRconk scenes that are on SLR are not on the VRconk site. Including the two i made a script for. So guys i would try to get them while you can.

But i also noticed that when i had a sub for VRbangers they dropped from producing two scenes a week to one, instead they added a scene from another studio once a week (also VRconk released a few scenes from other sites under a different name).
And VRBtrans hasnt produced a new scene since i think corona hit. they re-release other studios old scenes under a different name. (no idea about VRBgay) but it almost feels like they are in financial troubles (no prove just a feeling).
whatever is the case its sad they are going from SLR they produced quality stuff.

a sad thing indeed, my poor hardrive is about to fill up

I think they’re just down to one scene a week now without any external additional content. Still high quality, but the quantity is halved. Strange times, SLR seems to have built the netflix for streaming VR porn ahead of everyone else here.

I was giving serious thought to buying a couple of 1 month subscriptions to SLR using different email addresses so I could download 30 VRConk scenes per account over the next two weeks, and then I realized something really horrible. If the scenes aren’t on SLR and aren’t on VRConk, there won’t be a ready way people to write scripts, even if the scripts are commissioned. [Sigh.] [Sorrow.] [Incoherent rant about the inherent unfairness of the universe.] [Sigh.]

A quick query says we’ll lose access to 78 VRBangers scripts and 22 VRConk scripts. Many of those are from scripters like Realcumber and Judge who only release paid scripts to SLR – so the scripts will be gone-gone.

The deadline is 3 dec, according to https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/vr-bangers-vr-conk-scripts-leaving-slr-3-dec-judge-portfolio/84914

I was waiting for my refill of three new SLR script downloads on the 6th, but I guess I’ll have to pay or miss out now.

I updated my thread with “approximate 3 dec” now. I noticed that it was not fully confirmed yet.

There’s a forum thread on SLR that will inform with exact dates later I guess.

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Hello, I got in touch with vrbangers. I think if many viewers write to Vrbanger, they might collapse due to viewer pressure and maybe come back. I don’t think any studio can do without interactiveScript today.

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I wish there would be a discount on these scripts. Would be a nice move.

I wrote them and the response implied they are coming up with their own scripting offering further implying that’s why they’re pulling their content. All implied though. Nothing good lasts forever, probably time to figure out how to automate script generation with AI so they can’t pull stunts like this again. Also probably a baby step towards removing the download option, but we’ll see.

It’s great that you also wrote vrbagers, yes, I almost thought of something like that, because I don’t think any vr studio can do without a script ring, thanks for your effort, well, let’s see.

The funniest future would be a free streaming option with scripted horrible ads for livejasmin, brazzers, penis pills, and everything else that interrupts the videos every 5 minutes or so.

not necessarily. As i understand it our scripts and the VRBangers/VRconk scenes might still be on SLR but only as a pay per view. Not part of a subscription anymore.

Dec 3 by the end of the day US time everything will be gone from Premium.

None of VRBangers content will be offered on SLR in any shape or form.

ah i must’ve read that wrong. i thought it said something like that on the red bar that was on the VRbangers page.
Its a shame they are gone. But Swallowbay did return, who knows maybe they might one day return as well.

@VRnooBie - the red banner means to say that any individually purchased videos or scripts (from Any Studio including studios that have left) will always remain accessible directly within your own SLR account

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