VRConk seems to be missing videos. Does anyone know why?

Does anyone know why videos seem to be missing from VRConk? On SLR, I can see 175 videos from VRConk studio, but on VRConk’s website, I can less than 70 videos.

Anyone have any idea of what is going on? Is this part of a site redesign that didn’t go well, or are videos being removed from the site?

Here are some examples
EuroTrip – EuroTrip - Hot Teen Blowjob and Fuck - VRConk | SexLikeReal
Christmas Magic – Christmas Magic - MFF Threesome POV Long VR Porn
Housewife Rush – Housewife Rush - Big Tits Amateur Wife | SexLikeReal
30 Year Old Virgin – 30 Year Old Virgin; Big Tits POV Hardcore | SexLikeReal

I can’t find any reference to these videos on vrconk.com

If anyone has any insight, I would appreciate knowing more.

I’ve found the same thing - just started a subscription at vrconk, and videos I have previously downloaded from SLR are not there.

Doesnt VRBangers own VRConk now? Maybe they put the Conk videos to their own portfolio or will do that in the near future?

From what I can understand, they want VRConk to be for “Cosplay / Parody” scenes only, so they removed all the old scenes that don’t fit that genre. It’s really weird to me to “sabotage” their own portfolio like that. Like @ITO_Snake said, they could at least “rebrand” those old scenes as VRBangers or something.

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Yeah especially when some of their old scenes are absolute bangers - milkman’s diary - and then they have to compete with Vrcosplayx. And while the vrconk cosplay videos are alright, Vrcosplayx still has em beat on casting and the actually cosplay - in my humble opinion

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agreed :slight_smile: my all time favorite is the Succubus Prison parody

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Agreed. What I wish they would do is be like “ok Vrcosplayx did ino and hinata so we are gonna do a sakura” but lately it’s just like “oh you both came out with a yor forgier video…… ok.like please hire me just to give video recommendations. Like a hollow knight cosplay?... When they could be doing like an aqua or any of the girls from cyberpunk or something…. To Vrcosplayx’s credit though. They usually act on trends like bowsette and they’ve hit Disney princesses and Most of the BIG anime. So I can’t dog em too bad. …. Of fuck I might have a porn addiction - stares at every single vr cosplay x script that’s been released and a couple I’ve half assed on my own….