What about about creating discord server to manage paid script request

Hi, I scripting some VR vids and post them on Gumroad. I’m also doing some custom script request for guys from eroscript and reddit.

I’m trying to stay at a low price like 10€ for 25 minutes but it’s not really motivating. Would you be open to a place to ask for request and create pool for request like on this server ?

I’m mostly doing VR stuff, you can get some views on it here : https://cerbere.gumroad.com/

With this kinf of place it would be easy to manage scripting process and get ideas from community. Not just scripting videos I’m the only one to like :joy:

I like the idea of the Discord. I am an active pooler in the Script Poolers Discord. What speaks against the use of the linked Discord?

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To work on it you need to work for SLR (not possible for me) or post on RealSync (Hard to join for what I understand). I would love to join one of this scripter community but actually it’s hard.

Apologies to Cerbere, I was incorrect before. You do need to be partnered with SLR or RS before you can take Script Pooler commissions, but are still separately vetted apart from that. RealSync’s standards make it “hard” to join because they ensure their scripters are of high enough quality, but those who can provide that quality should not have a hard time joining.

Having a discord where anybody can sell sounds great for sellers, but there is a built in quality assurance (in addition to QA on platforms such as SLR/RS) from having an approved roster of scripters, so that should be a concern for any new platform.

hmmm i mean, would adding another category on this site around commissions address that need?

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A commission work category at script requests would be great!


Yes a way to share that you are open to request for example. Don’t know if some moderator can work on this idea

1000% this

mmm it might be a combo of #script-requests explicitly asking for commission and/or group pooling commission funds, and a section for people advertising their commission services?

Yes it’s the idea

HMMM random idea, what if we add a tag to #script-collections where scripters can tag their post with something like “Taking Commissions”? It’ll be simple to filter by people who take commissions, plus it’s right next to all their existing work

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Such a discord or category on here would be great!
I’m mostly interested niche content and happy to pay for scripts but finding interested scripters is quite difficult right now.

can work. Or maybe a section like “paid-request” or someting like that. Where people post the video they want how much they are ready to offer. And as on the SLR/RS discord people can add money offers in comment. Then scripters open for paid request can navigate on the section and pick projects

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As waiting to get something working I made a discord prototype to manage my script request.