What are some tools or tips that you would have for fellow scripters?

So I recently started scripting and I am currently working on a bigger project. I work on OFS and am basically scripting frame by frame.

I just wanted to ask what are some tools that some scripters use or what are some tips that someone might have. I’m trying to get better and get a faster work flow so I wanted to see if anyone had any advice or tricks that might help with that.

I know there are quite a few lua scripts and other add ons for OFS but I dont necessarily think I’m at a stage where I really understand the use/advantage of such things, so I wanted to hear from the people using them.

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Hey there,
I use OFS (Open Fun Scripter) and Motion Tracking Funscript Generator:
OFS: Motion Tracking Funscript Generator v0.4.x
MTFG: Motion Tracking Funscript Generator v0.4.x

I typically use MTFG where possible to stub in the key points, and adjust the value of each point to reflect the intensity of the stroke based on the action in the scene.
For some actions I have to work frame by frame, but for my scripts I tend to get very nuanced and try to capture every detail possible; something which is very time consuming.

Random Tips:

  • For motion tracking handjobs, if the performer is wearing a ring on her dominant hand; I usually use that as the tracking point, as the motion tracker seems to have an easier time tracking that than the hand itself.
    For titfucking, motion tracking one of the performer’s nipples can work well too.

  • For actions such as the release of a suck during a blowjob, dick slapping a tongue or breasts I typically use a pattern like that seen below, in which the frame just before the release of a suck, or contact between the dick at the surface I place a point with an intensity of 10, followed by a drop to 8 or 9 after two frames (depending on the weight of the action on screen which is for the release of a suck during a blowjob) followed by a rise to 10 after 4 to 6 frames. This creates a nice “tap” effect which can feel really good :slight_smile:
    (See image below for a reference)

Best of luck with your scripting!


I haven’t seen many people talk about keybinds but there is one insanely useful one called “fast step” and “fast backstep” to speed up sections where there is long slow strokes. Sometimes it works for bit faster paced parts too, but its good to mark the ending spot of the consistent action before you start using it.

I don’t think my keybinds are the best but im too used to them to change them now. You should test and see what fits you the best :slight_smile:


what I usually do is decide if the video will benefit from being accurate or not. Alot of western animation usually follow a simple loop so I just go with the motion tracker and then tweak the marks to be a little more on beat. For IRL stuff I use the motion track to set a base for the strokes and The start to really tweak to be more accurate to what’s going on. Shift + arrow keys also help with moving groups of points so save you some time. If your scripting music you really want to turn on the waveform for the audio and decide if there distinct beats in which you can comfortably script to or if its just a messy waveform. If its a messy wave form, save the head ache and choose another song or get the song from another source.


Damn, who’s that in the image? Source appreciated :laughing:

So I tested parts of my script and it might just be that I’m running it on a Keon but Im assuming too many points starts to create problems and stutter.

Your new scripts and this post have inspired me to give it another try.

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Hey dude, it’s Angela white in the “CryptoCumency Deal” video from VRBangers:

Yeah, she’s hot as hell haha :smiley: I’m scripting this video at the moment, but it’s a time consuming one! Hoping to have it done over the next couple of weeks

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Best of luck man :slight_smile: Drop me a DM if you need any help!

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