What are you experiences using the Onyx+?


I just reacently bought the Onyx+ from Kiiroo, and I’m curious to hear what other people think about it, and possibly if anyone did anything to augment it.

My experience is that it’s an alright toy, but it’s not without its flaws and it will never get me off.

The reason for this might be, that it just doesn’t fit me very well. The sleeve is too short for my size and it doesn’t even reach the deep end of the toy. This is odd to me, because if i remove the sleeve and activate the toy, I can see that there is some action going on in the deeper end of the toy, and the sleeve doesn’t allow your “thing” to reach it because of the short sleeve.

Also, I don’t know if my penis is too thin, but I don’t feel that much from the movements and vibrations that the Onyx generates.

With all this in mind I still like the Onyx+, because it feels nice, but I just wish it was a bit more powerful or something, because, like I said, it will never get me off.

By the way, I’m posting this here because it’s very difficult to find any real information on this elsewhere. When I search the web I mostly just get these very one-sided “reviews” so I’m curios to hear if I’m the only one having this experience or if others are having the same experience as me and possibly a fix for it!?

Maybe a longer and thicker sleeve could make a difference?!

Anyway, let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Similar experience as you. Surprisingly shallow design, not enough sensation, just generally not worth it to me. I haven’t used it since I got the Handy.

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So it isn’t just me, that is too bad :frowning:

Not too happy about it myself, but imagine if, what the Onyx does, was combined with the launch/handy/keon tech. I think that would be awesome, but it might also be hell to write scripts for it or not, I don’t know, I don’t write scripts myself.

I think the Onyx has its place for more slow teaser-like videos and it goes well with the keon to finish off

it was an ok toy but it had some flaws, size isnt such a big problem as the sensitive part is at the head and that is always in there. The feeling/sensation is nice but very soft, didnt get me off without some extra stroking movements done by myself. blue tooth connection failed if you where too far from the pc, it disconnected if the “line between two script points was too long”. And i hated the batery only option i always ran out of juice as i forgot to recharge it.

When i bought the handy i immediatey noticed the difference it is a far superior machine compared to the onyx+ and i have never touched the onyx since.
The only thing that the onyx wins on is how it looks (especialy with a picture of a porn star on it)

scripting wise everything can be scripted (look at the multi axes machines) but it will take much more time so less of them will be made.

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if youre open to use fleshlights (or already got some, try the keon (the fleshlights fit in the black keon case, not perfect but they fit without problems) so you have nearly unlimited options for sleeves with very different intense grades. But there are sleeves only made for the keon too, similar to the fleshlights, of course if you dont have fleshlights already you can buy them too.

if you want a much cheaper solution, the handy is the way to go… fleshlights doesnt work well with it, in my opinion it doesnt work at all, the whole thing is just to wobbly with a big fleshlightcase attached to it (and you need a do it yourself solution to even attach the fleshlight, cause otherwise you cant use it)… i mean, the fleshlight is bigger than the handy itself and has nearly the same weight.

the best way would be of course the OSR… but its expensive and you need of course fleshlights too… and a little do it yourself know how about handywork :smiley:

the onyx isnt worth it at all… and of course, for the keon, handy and OSR, you can easily use scripts, for the onyx there arent much.


It’s funny you mention the thing about bluetooth fail, because I think I have experienced something similar. Often times I had the Onyx turn off and blink with the red light and I just thought it was because of low battery, but that didn’t make sense to me because I just charged it. Maybe it is just because it disconnects?!

I’m not familiar with the Handy, only heard of it by name. Is it just like the Launch and the Keon?

I had a look at a post on this site about those multi-axis machines earlier. They look insane! :slight_smile: But yeah if you can script those I guess it would also be possible to script a device that combines Onyx and the stroker tech. :slight_smile:


I already own a Keon, but thank you for the recommendation. :slight_smile:

Yes, it was OSR I was looking at earlier, In regards to what I mentioned above about the multi-axis machines. That really is some next level stuff, maybe I will look into those some more sometime when my Keon dies.

About the Onyx and scripts, there is actually quite a few available. I normally use the SexLikeReal website and they offer quite a few scripted videos for the most popular devices, including the Onyx. However, access to those videos and scripts does require a subscription.

yes the handy is similar to the keon/launch but of the three toys it has a slightly better performance. It has to be used with a power cord might be bothersome for some, but it can’t run out of power. And it uses wifi and that gives a stronger signal i have never had problems with disconnecting with it.
At the moment they have more or less one sleeve but are designing more. Also it can be used with other sleeves if desired but performance might drop a bit.

Correct when that happens (blinking red light) it has either disconnected because of bluetooth fail or the line between to script points was too long (only if the line is not horizontal). both made it disconnect.

The problem with the OSR and SR is yes they are the best, but there are very few multi axis scripts around as they take a lot of extra work to make.

Consider upgrading to VR What’s the best headset for VR porn?

Paired with Onyx+ will make the beast out of it.

I’m pretty sure you can use the scripts the same way for Onyx as for Launch or Handy.

If you can’t afford subscription I suggest using this list of vr scripts and look for the videos on porntrex. You can also check if someone didn’t post the link to free video under the scripter’s post.

I like that it has a power cord, it really sucks when my Keon runs out of power in the middle of a movie. Also the wifi sounds like a great improvement. Although I never had any issues with bluetooth in relation to my Keon, I have experienced other devices disconnect when using bluetooth.

I already own a VR-headset, but thanks for the recommendation. Not sure if I agree with you about the Onyx+ being a beast though.

I already have a subscription, but thanks for the linked list of scripts, I will surely check it out. Can’t have too many goodies! :slight_smile:

That part about your “ghetto rigged” Handy made me laugh a bit.

Do you think there is a big difference between different fleshlights? I only have one at the moment, but I have been considering getting a new one.

I Had the stamina trainer a long time ago, but I ended up throwing it out because it made me pop in no time.

My first script playable device was an Onyx+, I enjoyed it actually because it had a lighter touch that would do the trick for me. Although I did mostly longer videos/scripts with it, lot of hypnosis style clips.

Now for the downside, first one failed at the 10 month mark, stopped turning on. Was replaced by warranty for free, second one died in 3 months and they wouldn’t replace it or give a discount on a new one. Plus since I watched longer videos, 30 mins or more, being limited to its battery life kind of sucked. I took care of them, they just refused to accept charges randomly after so many months.

I bought the handy and never looked back, far better device and experience IMO.

They do have the tighter fit sleeves for the Onyx+, I bought some not because the normal one was too big but I thought maybe a tight fit would maximize the feeling the Onyx+ puts out. It didn’t, actually made it even worse because the sleeve was thicker, thus it transmitted less of the motions and just absorbed them instead.

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I really appreciate you and everyone else sharing their thoughts and experiences, so thank you for that. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your device malfunctioning. I agree that the battery time sucks, it could easily be solved if only it would be possible to have a power cord attached while using the device, but unfortunately that is not possible.

I did look into the “tight fit” sleeves and I’m glad to hear your input about it. From what I understand they are designed for smaller penis sizes and not necessarily a more powerful sensation, so what you are describing makes perfect sense.

That’s a lot of info you put out there, that is much appreciated :slight_smile:

I did not realize that the Keon uses the stamina training sleve as default, I guess playing cock hero made a difference in my stamina, since I am now able to use the stamina trainer for much longer compared to back when I had my first one.

Sounds like it’s worth it, to try out some new sleeves for my Keon, so I guess I will have to put in a new order soon.

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I haven’t really used other “smart” toys, but my experience with the Onyx+ is excellent.
My only complaint is girth wise, its pretty snug, like the engine can stall when I’m finishing if I get too excited. In regards to its size, i feel like there isn’t much negotiation in there if you are a little big or a little small so I don’t think it’s really for everyone. But for me it’s great.

As for the red light disconnect, you can resolve a fair bit of that with the minimum speed setting on the SLR phone app if thats what you are using. Default is lower, can’t remember what, but I have mine set to 15. I’ll only get disconnects if I jump around too much within a file.

Edit: Another problem I had, almost forgot, I ordered mine in the summer, so the sleeves got all stuck together in the packaging. Melted from the hot sun I guess. It took me a while to carefully pull them apart without damaging them. Almost returned them because I thought they were ruined.

I’ll say it because no one else is. I’m lucky if I can manage 10 minutes with the Handy, and I dig something a little less intense. What can I say? I’m getting old… The Onyx is great for that. An experience less than 10 minutes is hardly even worth getting the equipment out. The Onyx is the right intensity level for me to control myself and go for the length of time I want to go. It’s enough to get me there when I’m ready, and not so much it gets me there too quickly.

For anyone who needs to know, the Onyx can be paired for scripts, the same as the Keon/Launch. It’s not as simple as the Handy, but it absolutely can be done, and it’s absolutely worth it. The easiest way is to use the SLR Interactive app on your Android phone, but there are other ways too (generally requiring a full PC setup). Let me know if you need more direction. I’ll be the first to say that the Onyx definitely falls short without scripts.

The default sleeve works well for me, but Kiiroo does offer a snug-fit sleeve as well. I haven’t used it so can’t say if it might solve at least one of your problems. As far as I know though, the length is the same.

The only quality issue I’ve had was when I knocked it off a table while it was plugged in, and it damaged the charging port. That was my fault though… I didn’t attempt warranty coverage, and just bought a new one. The battery life can be a bit of a bummer, but it’s legit good for about an hour and a half.

I know there’s a handful of Onyx users out there. I wouldn’t want anyone to read this thread and completely disregard the Onyx because of it. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely has a place. Overall, I’ll just say that it’s a different experience than the Handy/Keon/Launch. It’s one I prefer, but I recognize that I am in the minority. It works for me quite well though.

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I got the first one, the onyx, about 3 years ago. It would just stall and malfunction whenever i tried to go deep. Support at kiiroo gave me a refund. I tried to still use it on like half of my dick and it was the least stimulating experience I’ve ever had with a sex toy. Actually, there was one that was worse. The autoblow2. Literally 0 sensations when using that thing.

I’m using the onyx with the Oculus Quest 2. Problem: The onyx begin to work and after some minuts, the direction is disconnect. Then i stop the app SLR and open the app Haptics and search the Quest 2 again. Then the onyx work again. But some minuts later disconnecting again.
What can i do?

I’ve seen that happen when there is a long pause in activity in the script. Powering cycling the device can get it to auto reconnect. You will probably need to edit the script and add filler for the Onyx to remain connected.

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