What Device Do You Use When Using Interactive Sex Toys?

I’m curious about what devices people use when they are using interactive sex toys. Do you prefer using a computer, a smartphone, or VR? Please take a moment to vote in the poll below …

  • Computer
  • SmartPhone
  • VR Headset

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Some clarification on what i expect will be the general result.

Computers are generaly the easiest to use because of the flexibility and variety of devices they support. Basicly everything can be made to work. And since this site is generaly most supportive towards PC users… i suspect this wins by a huge margin.

Smartphones are better if you have a partner. But in that case you dont need most of the features anyway. Sure, some partners dont mind if you do a solo session, but its not how it usualy goes. And if they would control the computer, it just is a lot more clumsy than a smartphone. And that is assuming a laptop already. Still, if you have a partner that is good with tech, a computer would be superior.

A VR headset is a niche, and often relies on a computer (or smartphone) for the best features since its connectivity is generaly limited. As headsets generaly get warm, they cant provide a lot of power (overheating risk), so a lot of software will quickly become too heavy.

Still, as combination computer + vr headset is generaly winning over any of the other combinations. A good vr headset might rely on a computer, but if the controls can be applied from the headset directly, the computer is generaly irrelevant for the experience. I also suspect this becoming the main reason for VR as the combination is simply the best to go for, where the vr headset makes the diffirence towards its user.

The poll would have been better if it made this nuance since standalone vr and pc connected vr is quite a diffirence. And depending on interpretation, it can influence its result

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I would say in 70% of the cases I use my computer, and whenever I have a bit more time a vr-headset on top, linked to the pc. The setup takes a bit longer and obviously it also takes longer to put everything back once again, put everything into a charger etc.
What comes on top is that looking at slr for example there seem to be a market selling scripts for that niche anyways, falling out of these pages since it doesn´t seem like those specific videos on there are scripted in most cases anyways and people rely on that page. So the market for vr-scripts people use from here should shrink even more

You are right ! But i can’t edit the poll 5 mins later after post …

With the development of VR app, such as SLR, people who own VR headsets will incresingly use them by standalone . Do you think it will happen?

I like the idea of this poll. I wish Laptop were an option. The difference in experience between laptops and PCs is big.

Yes , laptop can be used on bed , just like me now . XD

When get more minds about the options , may be we need a new poll .

Depends on the costs. A cheap VR with good support from an app can realy make a diffirence. Where a pc or laptop easily can go above 500 (this is like lowest level budget quality), a simple vr headset could be like 300. And while a vr headset might not be decent, its immersion can still be great.

VR is currenlty rapidly rising in quality and availability (except only facebook is keeping them in a good affordable range - which is a company i wouldnt trust for privacy).

But still, depending on what you want, a €1000 pc or €1000 vr headset can be a choise you want to make. VR these days works decent enough even when connected to a laptop, so going for standalone is very viable (you can always connect it if you want to play a game).

However, even if they can use it standalone, some might still go for using their pc due to having more control. Privacy is a thing that some care about. Having a PC between the connection can help a lot.
But at the same time, if you pay for SLR… your data is already known and very likely that information gets sold anyway. Maybe im just overreacting on that part.