What do people expect during certain situations when using a funscript?

I’m getting the hang of creating funscripts but there’s a couple of things that’s bugging me:

  1. What is the position preference when starting the script, at 100 or 0?
  2. Should it stroke or not during dead periods of the videos?

To me, I would prefer starting at 0 because I’m trying to put my cock into it which is annoying and difficult when the stoker is all the way up. I noticed though that most scripts start it at 100 (fully up) so as to simulate the first time the girl goes down on the penis. Is there like an unwritten rule to what people expect with this or not?

I’ve also noticed that during dead periods of videos some scripts will continue to stroke, whereas others will usually sit at 100 (fully up) waiting for the woman to insert the penis again. Again, is there some kind of unwritten rule or preference to these things?

Thanks heaps for reading and responding, hopefully I’ll have some free scripts for you to critique soon.

Both points are imo preference but this is what I personally do:

  1. The starting point of the device will be the starting point of the video, aka. if the penis isn’t inserted yet it will start at 100 and if it already is then it will start at 0 (in some cases it might start at 70, again - for me it depends on the video) - you can always put on the device before launching the actual script or move it manually if you have trouble inserting.
  2. Entirely preference, in normal slow videos I usually either don’t do anything or do really slow motions up and down if the break is long, if it isn’t then I usually just don’t do anything - whereas if I’m going for a harder script I will do some more strokes during dead periods (to keep up the momentum) - same goes for PMVs

Again, imho it’s mostly preference and I’ve seen a lot of people take different approaches

ScriptPlayer can add filler strokes to these dead periods, so I usually don’t add in fillers myself.

I won’t let it sit at 100 though, I’d try to return it to 0 if there’s a long period of nothing. It’s less likely to get soft and slip out that way.

I’m curious to see how you are starting at 100. When you plug the Handy in it resets to 0. The only time a script starts for me in any other position is if I switch videos during use. By then I am already inserted (if only just the tip) so there is no hassle.

Before I used Script Player I liked when scripts added filler strokes in extended non-action sections. But now that SP is my only player I prefer to not have scripted filler strokes because SP can add these and it is customizable.

I actually went back and looked and you’re right, it stays at wherever you have it, however the start often is unusual as it pulls the stroker back to wherever it wants it. I learned something at least.

For me it has been rare to experience a long, rapid position change between scripts. It shouldn’t be a problem for at least an average-sized guy but if you want a bit more stability many sleeves will allow you to strap them in a little lower. A quarter inch can make all the difference in the world.

I have used 50 for my starting position. However, I don;t care where it starts as long as it does not snap to the start position in a massive jerk!
The second question is harder as it totally depends on the video IMO.

  1. I really don’t think the starting position matters, but please do not just set a point at the very beginning. If, let’s say, you just set a point at 0 and the action starts five minutes later with a point at 100, that’s now a five minute long stroke and five minutes where the gap filler is disengaged.

  2. That’s difficult to answer. I can’t always keep a full erection unless there’s near constant stimulation. I’m at just the length that once I start getting soft, I at least need to start messing with the stroke length. I also just enjoy getting stroked all the time especially during a striptease or something like that. Does this mean I think you should use filler or not? Well for me it depends on what I’m using to play the script. I switch back and forth between using ScriptPlayer and Heresphere. When I use ScriptPlayer, I have the gap filler engaged so it usually doesn’t matter to me unless I want to easily skip over the gaps. Heresphere on the other hand doesn’t have a gap filler so a script with filler is nice otherwise I just fast forward to the action. Heresphere doesn’t have a “skip to action” button so even with filler I still have to manually seek anyway. The short answer is if the scripter provides both, I download both and make two copies for each situation, and I always appreciate that but I don’t expect it.

  1. If its within the first second of the video, i would prefer no point at all. A device going max speed to that
    point when funscripts are done loading at random can be dangerous.
    • Not all devices start in the same manner. Always assume a device is in the opposite position and dont make it do strange things for those. A second is a safe margin to allow devices to adjust
    • Having the initial point on the top is safer. When the dick was already fully inserted, this upward movement isnt as risky as the other way around, as in that case the dick might be pushed outward at max speed into the mechanics. Its not a guarantee to be entirely safe. But this first upward move is a lot safer since when it drops out, its not into the moving mechanical part.
    • If the action instantly is fast, no matter what position, this can be dangerous. Both a quick pull out or a push in can push the dick out of the sleeve (when for example the sleeve was attached too tight). Having a slower movement gives you time to react.
  2. Depends on the video. In most cases keeping it dead is fine. But you can always provide 2 scripts with and without filler.
  3. Slow movement and cumshots at the same time: vibration scripts as an alternative can be welcome here. But its not mandatory! Some devices dont handle it properly, or handle it excessively, and some people dont like the feeling of it. If you provide only 1 script, avoid vibrations, unless thats part of your scripting style in the first place.
  4. For fillers, try to mimic movement and action at least slightly. Give a reason why the small action happens. And avoid them for gaps shorter than 20 seconds.
    • note, scriptplayer can show a skip button in emtpy sections, and also shows the gap duration, this can also be used to avoid the entire filler section. If fillers are a problem, its worthy for the users to configure this.