What downloader are you using?

My current go-to software is becoming less reliable. Was wondering what are your guys current choice of download software?

Jdownloader or F12 in my browser. Thinking about giving 9xbuddy a try and adding it to the list.

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I use yt-dlp on linux. It downloads reliably from most sites.

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I use ytdl. It’s a command line tool which is easy to use and can download from almost all sites. If the website isn’t availbale, I had success with 9xbuddy or sometimes just finding the file link in the html code via F12 > Search mp4 and just right click Save as…

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i use cococut on firefox but its a subscription thing its the sub is like 5 bucks a year so its not bad

if on google chrome I use Video DownloadHelper. Pay a one time 5 dollar fee to the the whole thing unlocked and there is virtually no video it cant download.