What good options are available to me for VR + Handy + privacy?

It had been over a month since I took pleasure in some VR content, so yesterday I had pulled out my old phone with DeoVR (Cardboard) on it and a View-Master that my phone mounted into. Got all set up with my Handy, loaded a local video + funscript and…

…the scripts weren’t working. Looking around on info about this lead me to the news that local playback with script support is not supported anymore except for those with a premium SLR subscription. Well that sucks, so what can I do? I read about Heresphere VR and how that has support for funscripts, but from what I gathered, there’s only a PC/Steam version and a Quest 2 version (so that throws out my phone setup).

I had been thinking about getting a Quest 2 for a while, even after they jacked up the price on them, but I still wasn’t quite sure about it. Not because if I did that I would be supporting Facebook/Meta, but that, as far as I understand, it’s not very “private”. What I mean is that they are collecting information when it is used, though I don’t know the extent of what that information entails. I certainly wouldn’t want information about my “sessions” getting derived from that telemetry that could then be identified by people, linking it back to me.

Even if privacy wasn’t an issue, that’s quite a bit of money to fork over when I’ve not done anything else VR-related that could warrant spending that much.

I use HTC Vive, great headset although pricey. I use a secondary steam account with fake info for accessing porn and whatnot and always use a vpn regardless. To be fair I got it for gaming specifically and discovered porn later (I bought the first model, so been playing vr for a loooong time) and havent had any issues with privacy. You just log into fictional steam account from some random ass country using vpn and boom, tits on your dick. or vice versa depending on what you want.
Also, if you do game it’s very worth it. I spent 6hrs last night alone in Into the Radius, some of the titles are just too addicting. But in the end if you want to watch these porn scenes in vr a good headset is important, the higher the resolution without sacrificing fps the better to immersion I find.

That’s the best thing out there Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - The Handy, Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon and others

You definitely want to get the headset right What’s the best headset for VR porn?

about privacy if there is one device that collects a lot of data on what its being used for it your smartphone, in all cases.its producer, and google (yes also on apple phones). And many of the apps on your phone keep track of what your doing and where and who is close to you (well who’s phone is close to you) So i wouldnt worry about a VR set checking what your doing it will keep far less data than your phone.

I for myself didnt want to buy a quest because i dont want a facebook account, but now thats been deleted (hence the price increase they earnt money that way) it might be an option.
If the price is too high check if you can get a refurbished/second hand one for less.

I think I’ll hold off on a VR headset for the time being. I’m able to get HandyFeeling’s local player working to an extent, but it certainly isn’t as convenient as other options. There’s the Quest Pro supposedly releasing this month (though it’s said to be extremely expensive), and various other headsets are set to debut. The Quest 3 (a consumer version of the Pro with less features) is slated for next year, so that will be a ways off. If nothing for this year tickles my fancy, I may just go with the Quest 2.

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