What is the best setting on script player for a device

what is the best setting on script player for a device or a lovense what ms number do i put for script delay and anything else for the best settings

No one can answer with a specific number since that depends on device used, communication technology used and your computer/network. For example, TheHandy connects to your wifi and also relies on communication with servers on the Internet. Communication causes delays that needs to be compensated for by sending commands a little bit before they are supposed to be executed. For me it’s about -25 to -50 ms, but others might need more or less depending on internet connection and location. If the script has been scripted so it is in sync with the video to begin with, which should be the normal case, you should always use a value that is zero or negative.

When connecting a device via bluetooth the delay should be very small, maybe even negligible. However, software can also introduce delays beside bluetooth itself so you still might need a small delay. I don’t remember any typical values because I haven’t connected a bluetooth device in a long time.

The general approach to figuring out the delay that works for you is to put your device on the desk beside the video shown on your monitor. Start the video and compare device movement with action in the video. Adjust the delay until you see that they move in complete sync.

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