What is the etiquette for posting scripts for videos that already have paid scripts?

Probably worrying for nothing, but couldn’t hurt to ask. If I take interest in a video that someone already made a paid script for, make my own script for it from scratch, and post it for free, would that be considered a dick move? I wouldn’t mean it as some kind of attack, and I realize that’s not really a big deal with free scripts, but with paid scripts, I realize that the stakes are a bit higher, even if not by much, so I can see how that could rub someone the wrong way.

Personally I don’t think it’s a dick move, especially with certain things like hentai. There’s one guy who’s 441 different hentai videos on his site erobianmate, all but a handful of those as paid. They never get posted here, and people have ended up scripting the same videos.

If I was already making what I felt was an ideal script for a video to release for free, and someone uploads it as paid, I’m still gonna release mine. Making money is fair game, and releasing it for free is fair game.

Just my thoughts though. I’d be salty if it was eating into my income.
I also think that if a person is targeting a specific person’s paid releases to make as free releases, I would find that to be abuse if the paid videos are random in nature (diff studios and actresses).

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All scripts are different, unless you literally copy and paste the script for free without permission it should be fine

No one owns exclusive rights to making a script for a piece of content. We’re all just volunteers, whether we do it for free or for money.

Most people would rather just have scripters do unscripted content since there’s already so much content out there, why retread on old content that already has a script. But if you have a scene/video you really want to do, go for it. Maybe you didn’t like the script that already exists, maybe you want to put your own spin/rendition on it. If you spent your own time and effort to make a script, no one on here has a right to say you shouldn’t release it. No one should be putting up more barriers to stop you from scripting something you want to script, the scripters are a minority and as a community I’m pretty sure we want more people scripting, not less.

Also, your script does not invalidate the existence of a previous script.

If you really want to script something, go for it.


Dude, why should you care if someone (or company) gets butthurt because you put time and effort into making a similar product? The only people who would care are those that want to make money from it. If you want to make something for free, scripts aren’t copywritten or trademarked, so as long as you make it yourself, why does it matter?

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