What is The Password to This Script on Arca.live?

Hello All.
I discovered scripts that I would like to try in this site.


However, I don’t know how to crack the passward.
I understood “National Rule” (I hope it hasn’t been changed…) but I don’t understand “One Month Away” because I know nothing about Korean.

Does anyone know and can you help me?

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Seems like the password for https://kiosk.ac/c/__________________ is within “국룰 한달이빈다”? which can translate to --------------- but who knows

“National Rule” is Korean internet slang. I searched for this one and found the meaning. (You can find it by searching national rule+arca live)
So, I thought “One Month Away” might be some kind of secret word.
However, I got stuck there.

woah never knew about this site how does it work?

‘국룰’ means, a rule that everyone knows without saying. In this case, it’s the last part of the URL on that channel.


You might be able to see what it is by looking at this photo.

‘한달’ means that the the link will be alive for ‘a month’

‘이빈다’ is a typo for ‘입니다’ which just means ‘it is’

And the weird long URL that doesn’t work needs to be decoded using base64


:astonished: I was soo close to trying that

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Thank you for the details.
I thought they were adding some kind of code to the name of a closed adult site in 2020.

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i want to ask a question. I did find 비번 심챈 국룰 but if you translate every 2 chars then the first go Password Simchan National Rule so i did everything and did copy the url the password everything. Can you help me find it? I will thank you and support your patreon again if you can help me


I just want to understand how/where the password is

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That one is from a different channel. (like different sub reddit)

it’s a from a place called “심야식당 채널”

They have a different ‘국룰’

and it’s a bit hard for me to tell you what it is since I don’t really belong there. And they do not want attention from outside the community. Sorry

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Man these different “channels” under the script category with their own passwords are terrible for non-korean speakers. Tried to figure out the “:video_game:게임” one a bit and had no luck.

If anyone knows all the passwords for each of the “channels” let me know by chat/dm if you don’t want to post it.

Well the whole point of this unconvinience is there for a reason. Even some Koreans have problem finding contents here. Why? Because South Korea is one of the countries that do not allow the distribution of pornographic contents… We need a community that the server is placed outside of the country and shared trough these unconvinience. We want to stay hidden much as possible as well.

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You have to figure it out yourself, if not then you can’t get the files. It’s hard for a reason

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