What keeps you guys so much attached to your Fleshlight Launch?

It still seems to be a frequently used device.

Curious what makes you keeping it if there are so many upgrade options?

I used to hold onto it for a while mostly because I got it right when the other options came out, spending that amount for a stroker once feels rewarding, doing it twice is kind of like upgrading your phone, its nice, but not the same reward as going from none to one, so you’d rather wait for your current one to break before upgrading.

It works. Why spend money on something else?

The portability, and the weight of the thrust that happens with a fleshlight at the bottom of the downstroke.

“Upgrade” is arguable in some ways. I have a launch and a keon and with the third party firmware unlocking faster strokes for the launch I can’t think of a way that the keon is better, except that the buttons for manual mode (which I practically never use) are actually usable. The launch is easier to use hands-free, doesn’t significantly melt sleeves, doesnt suck skin into the cylinder and trap it, has a better battery and lets you charge it when you want to. I think the performance is probably better with the firmware too.

The handy exists but being a completely different form factor I think I wouldn’t use it much and that plus it being more of a hassle to get, I can’t bring myself to buy one.

What the Handy lacks with its jank form factor, it makes up for with its range.

There’s that new one coming out that you might like:

No affiliation, just saw someone post it here. The telescopic range on it looks much better than the Keon and Fleshlight Launch, being even 1cm longer than The Handy actually.

the fact that it doesn’t need to be online, or “call home” to work


sleeve variety, the different textures available, and upgrading the sleeve material. It’s where you’ll make a substantial amount of profit as opposed to the hardware. The weight also provided natural resistance to the thrust against the pubic bone.

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