What to do if handy sleeve is too tight?

So I bought the Handy’s Lips sleeve and did not realize the actual hole was going to be so small… At this point I don’t fit. What can I do to expand the hole or manipulate it so I can actually use it?

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If not, you could leave sleeve for a few weeks around something larger like a jar or bottle.

I’ve had mixed success with putting them over something larger in diameter, I used a wood dowel, and then warming the sleeve. A hair dryer seems to work best for warming but be careful not to get the sleeve too hot or it will melt, I used a heat gun on my first attempts and that was a mistake. Let the sleeve cool on the insert and repeat as necessary. Don’t get in a hurry, they’re very easy to melt.
Alternatively, you could stretch it over something and wait a couple of weeks if you’re not in a hurry.

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Use a bunch of lube and BREAK IT IN! But for real, use lots of lube and get to work.

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Thanks everyone I will try these solutions out

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