What type of Handy Supported Player Supports Subtitle?

I am looking to play some JAV videos with scripts using the Handy. There are some videos that had .srt subtitle files, but is there any way for those subtitles to be loaded and played in a player directly? What player supports that function?

ScriptPlayer has very basic subtitle-support (text only, no fancy formatting), but I never got any feedback so it’s technically still in beta:


I think HereSphere supports srt subtitles now.

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I downloaded the beta with subtitles - how do I enable or load subtitle files? I couldn’t find it in the interface…


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Name the subtitle file similar to the video file, like movie.mp4 and movie.srt

Then in the player there should be a “CC” icon above the seekbar when it sees the subtitle file.

I have it enabled, changed the srt file name to same as video and saved under same folder, but nothing gets picked up tho

How do u use this with handy?

I think you click the red icon in that picture

deovr app comes with subtitles support

All the Interactive VR Porn: Sex Toy Scripts & Haptic videos will get autogenerated subtitles soon including JAV

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