What's the best way to demo videos + scripts for new users?

Thinking to make this demo page on SexLikeReal for everyone to try out the connectivity.

Showing 3 min video reel with the best moments and a matching script working with VR and smartphones.

What would be the best timecodes?

I’m sorry, but this is a disturbing/annoying trend I’m noticing from SLR on Eroscrpts in general.

At first glance, your communications/efforts seem to come from a place of goodwill. Often taking the form of either
a) soliciting community feedback
b) communicating advancements.

They quickly turn into
a) asking the community to do work for you. e.g. asking for specific timecodes of videos to use for demos, asking users to provide feedback on paywalled AI scripts, asking users for their opinion how best to share demo videos, asking users to review scripts, but having them source their own videos.
b) overly focusing on specific pieces of critique or feedback when they aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, and ignoring all other feedback. Or being defensive when SLR is called out for over-exaggerating advancements/achievements and consistently contradicting themselves amongst their representatives e.g. “we nailed” it… but need to consistently revise our AI scripts"

It seems like the people that enjoy engaging with SLR here are already SLR subscribers - I think you have a SLR forum to communicate with them - engage with them there. The rest of ES range from ex-fans, to indifferent, to annoyed. I fall into the 3rd bucket.

I don’t think its fair or ethical to utilize ES as a sounding board specifically for SLR’s benefit - conducting advertising behavior, market research, and customer win-back strategies. You aren’t even a Patreon of this site (at least I don’t see a badge next to your profile). In my opinion, users that take without giving back are leeches. Typically leeches function for individual gain (mass downloading without liking, thanking, or engaging), but SLR’s leech behavior is for larger scale company gain (revenue). I don’t like it - just my 2 cents, but the recent barrage of your activity just made me want to get this off of my chest.

Constructively, if you truly have good intentions to collaborate with the community here at ES, you can do a lot better. Start with becoming a Patreon - then get creative. Things like free script giveaways to the community. Raffles for free monthly memberships. Allowing user votes on the next handmade scripts, etc. are all good ways for SLR to give back to ES in return for the entirely self-serving market research and advertising that they’re conducting here.


Aren’t we all here for the same thing?

How is it bad that we succeeded what was requested for years?

Many creators have got a source of money for things the love doing. Many more videos have got scripted than ever before.

We have got easy connectivity that doesn’t require people to be tech savvy any more.

How does it harm fellow EroScripts users?

No, we’re not all here for the same thing. This is where your superiority complex blinds you. We are not all here to make SLR into the Netflix of VR. You constantly overstep the community bounds and act as an advertiser/sponsor.

I’m not discounting the size, scope, and success of SLR. I’m specifically talking about your business practices here. Yes, some of your achievements meet requests from community members, but there is a lot of other requests that are not. The phrase, “even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day” applies. Just because you leeched ideas for innovation from ES and matched or applied them to your roadmap doesn’t make you some sort of savior.

I don’t think you read my post… Utilizing a free community for advertising, market research, QA, etc. without giving anything substantial back other than a combative attitude is wrong. You obviously see yourself as the Elon Musk of porn and are going to act however you want. You know better than us and you’ll shepherd us into the next evolution of jacking off in space. If that is okay with the site mods, that’s fine. I just felt the need to voice the thoughts of many of us who are tired of hearing from, arguing with, and skipping over, posts from you and your shills.



Do you think I can make anyone to poll or reply if they don’t want?

What’s the thing you are fighting for? People are just talking to each other. There’s nothing for you to fight

Find some other projection of your frustration

Don’t want to be rude but it’s already there:


it’s the very old one created some 3-4 years ago. has to be replaced with some cool one everyone would enjoy and the focus should be on haptics. likely creating a dedicated one

You requesting specific timestamps to support a marketing effort is not “talking”. Requesting specific feedback about script issues to help your AI model is not “talking”.

Do you ever ask yourself why so many of your interactions with members end up in argumentative discussions?


I din’t really expect you to suggest anything. Let’s move on. Someone might like it though

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Well that exchange pretty much summed up exactly what you’re saying :joy:


I think you should either offer a full video with script or a continuous clip of the scene - focused on specific position, blowjob or something like that. The reason why is that compilations make it easy to cover up for AI scripts flaws (even by mistake). It’s better to show fewer scripts then show 100 compilations and make people overhyped over something that is still early in development.

Last time I checked the AI scripts were only good for riding parts - the blowjobs, transitions and anything not riding-related was a mess. It was a few weeks ago, doubt a lot changed.

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Ever since the edit thing, I feel like that I’ve broken some kind of seal that kept me from posting but here goes. Originally, I thought about actually joining the team to work on AI stuff as it interests me and I went to school for coding, but I would want to be in a position to actually make decisions on things I see wrong (not just work on a project)

My advice to your for SLR improvement…

You want to make AI scripts better? Set up a specific account with certain scripts/videos available to this account. Share it freely here and let anyone use it (No time limits, closing the account, or removing content. These videos should use a specifically designed webpage that allows the user to press a button when the script seems wrong or incorrect. You can then put this feedback back into the AI to make adjustments. When adjustments are made, wipe the trigger points and start again. Release new videos as needed to cover multiple issues that occur in the AI as well as people’s preferences to use the tool.

I believe that I also read a thread about providing a “script depository” service for creators. I’m not sure how this was suppose to be taken, but it would be nothing more than using a mega for most people. Do you want creators to be active on your site? Do you want to use these scripts to train AI? Be transparent about these things. There would be a very good way to have creators make scripts for SRL videos. For the scripters here that have proven to be exceptional, been around for a good amount of time, and meet whatever requirements you deem fit, you can ask them to make scripts for a few videos. On these videos there needs to be a sidebar allowing the user to favorite a script by a certain creator. If the script is used by a user, have a contract in place to pay the scripter royalties (as well as a base fee for their time creating it).

As for this post…

Thinking to make this demo page on SexLikeReal for everyone to try out the connectivity.

Showing 3 min video reel with the best moments and a matching script working with VR and smartphones.

What would be the best timecodes?

You should have someone on staff for this and it is very easy, however you need to cover the “likes” of the community. Boob, butt, legs, positions, all need to be considered. All you need to do is think about a series on TV that always leaves cliffhangers for endings. If I encountered this I’d be pissed because it’s basically leaving out the best parts but it is a good strategy to want people to see the end.