What's the limit to how fast a Handy can move? (Open Funscripter + Handy technical question)

So OFS (GitHub - OpenFunscripter/OFS: A tool to create funscripts) has statistics that it displays on the right-hand side. Generally, I like to write scripts that go around 300 units/s - 500 units/s, but sometimes I have videos that seem to be on the fast side. ie, 500+ units/s.

The problem is the script can do whatever it wants regarding speed, but the Handy has physical limitations that make such speeds unfeasible (plus, it might hurt people if it went that fast).

I wondered what everyone’s experiences with script speeds were, what they liked best, and what stroke length was ideal. Thanks all.

Also, if anyone can answer the topic question (as in the actual max units/s), that’ll help me a lot too.

You can find info on max and min limitations for Handy here: Some guides and formulas you can use when scripting for the Handy using OFS

Your second question, what feels good, is super subjective. I’m actually a bit surprised by how big the difference seem to be in what people enjoy. I like the slowest scripts around, can’t last more than a couple of minutes with a script above 200 average speed. But many users really seem to like the super intense kind.

Handys speed is 32-400mm/s. Those limits are enforced by the FW. However, due to acceleration time, the top speed is more like 330-350mm/s. I believe 1 unit is 1mm/s when the stroke length is set to 100mm. The max stroke length on Handy is 96mm (but next FW we will increase it to 100mm on Handy 1.0 and 104mm/s on Handy 1.1)


Yeah, the second question being subjective was kind of the point; maybe I should’ve made a poll, but I also wanted to hear more qualitative discussions just to get some more flavor from the feedback and to see if I could incorporate said feedback in future scripts that I (or any other scripter) release.


I am interested in realistic and slow (below 150 average) action scripts. Minimal extra wiggle just for stimulation - the action on screen should reflect what I feel as far as possible. Ideally a lot of variation in speed and stroke length, with the first half of the vid being very slow and building up. That’s the content I’m looking for when I script and look for scripts. Usually it’s BJs because they are slower, more teasing and more varied than penetration which is often just full length strokes at high speeds.

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These are only from my experience:
Max seems to be 500 unit/s.
Min is around ~45 unit/s.

When exceeds 500 unit/s the FW will shorten the stroke. This can vary according to stroke length. Possibly due to the acceleration as mentioned by HandyAlexander.

When below ~45 unit/s the FW blends/skip strokes. I’m a bit uncertain about the minimum, as the FM tends to modify the actions in a way that’s hard to notice.

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