Whats your background noise when scripting?

Figured this could be a nice place to share for the scripters out here on what they listen to when scripting, if anything.

I’ll be honest I don’t listen to music when scripting. For whatever reason I like to listen to man v wild or bob’s burgers on the background XD.


I need to listen to ass clapping sounds or musics from the video to script those too. So I usually play a chill cooking video from Youtube. (I use multiple monitors.)

But if I did, this will be my pick:

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I don’t listen to music when it’s HMV or cum scenes,
But in other cases, I listen to it almost all the time
I like listening to music a lot, most genres

this time pick

It’s a bgm that I use a lot


Damn. I love Vaundy’s 踊り子 too!

You got a good taste. I had a chance to listen that song because someone that I watch covered the song.

This version is pretty good too:

Korean ver!


Korean version feels different
But for sure, both are good
soo yummy😀


Whole Album

:heavy_plus_sign: ALOT MORE Doom Metal :metal:

I watch vtubers and streamers on twitch.


I’ve been watching this recently in the background. I like her voice when I’m scripting. It’s not technically “erotic” but she has that hybrid Shibby accent that keeps me slightly aroused :man_shrugging: which makes scripting more fun for me.