What's your favor media player for VR videos

Just wanted to see if there’s another preferred media player for VR videos. I’m currently using SLR VR Application.

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Heresphere is the better player IMO, especially if you pair it with XBVR.

Heresphere looks very complete with a lot of adjustments available though a bit expensive IMO. If you want a cheaper, simpler yet very good player, I really enjoy whirligig personnally.

I like Heresphere myself. Best player I’ve had.

Heresphere’s “demo” is the full version of the program, but it locks you out of the controls for 15 seconds every 5 minutes so it’s kind of free.

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Heresphere here too. Paid for it. Don’t regret having paid. Using it with a HP Reverb G2.

It’s easy to use with the Handy because it’s all built in.

Heresphere has a lot of controls on it to fine tune everything and get the VR to display correctly. I even used the feature on one ‘broken’ VR vid which had the left eye higher than the right. I could nudge the left eye down until I could focus on the actress (Skye Blue). Having diagnosed the issue with Heresphere, I popped into Premiere Pro and fixed the VR video file properly.

Only drawback is that it won’t always read all the information in the filename. It ignores the FISHEYE clause, so I have to set that manually. Manages fine with MKX200 in the filename, so it’s a bit weird, that.

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Heresphere; with other players I had problems at times for the videos to display correctly, especially when those came from a less official source.
Using the free version right now, as people before said it´s the same as the full version with poups at times making you wait, which is a bit annoying while being mid-session and wanting to switch the video, but you can still try out the software to a degree to make sure it fits your needs.

I’ve been using pigasus, but with everyone saying heresphere looks like i’m going to have to give that a go. Especially because pigasus crashes when selecting a video without a script while thehandy is connected.

I paid for it and thought it was worth the money. I was using Pigasus prior to that (and still do for pictures), and Deovr before that.

Thank you everyone! Looks like I’m going to have to give Heresphere a try.