Where to go to give a woman the control of my handy?

Hi, I’m a straight male and I have a fantasy for some time and I would like to realize it but I don’t really know how to go about it. I develop : I have a connected masturbator, the handy, and therefore controllable remotely. I would love to be able to give control of the toy to a stranger, possibly sharing a cam. I would like this stranger to take control of my pleasure and that I can talk to her and see her at the same time. only here, I do not know at all how to do it, where to start and on which site to go to be able to realize this fantasy. have you ever tried a similar experience? do you have any advice for me or sites to recommend it? I’m listening to all the advice wink thank you

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You could try xtoys.app . But I had problems keeping any Toy in sync and not have it studded, when controlled by xtoys.

You can host a session on Xtoys and let strangers control your toy. But there is no way (that I know of), to only make females able to control your Xtoys.

You can request to be the milker or milkee :slight_smile:

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We are adding this into SexLikeReal app with upcoming multiuser update. Both cam girls and anyone on SLR would be able to control it for you.


Does Sexlikereal have a timeline for this roll out?

It seems there is way more milkees than milkers on this link :thinking:.

Hopefully we can get it working by June-July.
I expect that would be the first step of our multiuser effort

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