Which 2 images appears to look the best?

I’ve been experimenting slightly with video encoding and wanted to get some other eyes than mine to help me with telling which two look the best…so I took a screenshot of the same frame for 6 different videos and have uploaded them (sadly not here due to resizing and size limits) to here:
Note the images are classed as loli
A, B, C, D, E, F
Edit Added pixeldrain link: Comparison Images ~ pixeldrain
A__B__C__D__E__F side by side.png ~ pixeldrain , Alt link
(let me know if there is a better site to host them on and I’ll re-upload there)

Which two images look the best? (can vote 3 times if can’t make up mind)
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
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After the end of the poll I’ll reveal which image’s associated video file had what done to it.

I honestly can’t tell the difference :sweat_smile:
Except for some small fragments in darker areas I can’t see any difference at all.

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I agree. It’s difficult to distinguish any differences. Might would be easier if you can look at all of them simultaneously

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D - C - B - A - E - F

D is smoother, C is sharper and has more noise and details, but also aliasing and a few glitches, so it depends on what you want. I like her cloth piece better on C because it has more details, but I like her hair better on D because it is less noisy and more smooth, and C has a small glitch there. I think I like D slightly better overall.

But this stuff can drive you nuts if you look too closely at it. It’s the same with upscaling videos and adjusting settings.

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You can go ahead and download the images and overlay them however you want. I hope that the site I uploaded them to just hasn’t caused them to compress the data but if they have then I can simply upload them again to a file hoster site like pixeldrain or gofile.
Let me know if this is the case and I’ll do so.

yeah, need to see them side by side. I could do it myself but thats a lot of effort. If you did it though ill be happy to look

I’ve added a pixeldrain link as I said I would if asked for. However in regards to editing them all to be side by side all in one, I have no idea how to go about doing so equal let alone probably having the programs or knowledge then to set that up so this is the best I can do so you can alt tab quickly between them as I was doing.

Should be a voting option of “I can’t tell a difference”.


I do feel like I should have done that now but also making me glad that I wasn’t the only one having trouble telling the difference…it was why I allowed 3 options to be chosen.

Watching around i feel that C hair looks sharper and the color variation between pixels is more noticeable where others look like they have less color

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I don’t think my eyes are good enough to see any differences lol.


Due to doing some more testing I by chance came across an Nvidia program called ICAT that well…is a comparison program that could also play the videos side by side, same with the images so…I’ve updated the first post with that now.