Which Filehoster?

Hi everyone!
I wondered which filehoster should/could be used most safely to make video files available.
To be more precise, if I make a special edit of a longer video or a PMV or something to make a script for, how can I make the video available to people with the smallest risk of getting sued for copyright infringement possible.
I see that mega.nz is used around here a lot, but as it wants you to enter a name and of course you need an email to register and possibly a credit card or something to pay, it seems hard to use it anonymously.
Any advice/experience is greatly appreciated.

There’s a few options. Mega is the popular one, because you get quite a bit of space for free and can import the download to your own library. I personally use https://dmca.gripe/

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I have used a fake mail to create my free mega account. And there was no need to enter any credit card details. The drawback is that you are limited to only a few GB but since I don’t host big files I don’t care :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

I use Gofile for 7 months now, and it works great. It uses my maximum up/down speed. I now host ±100gb, but you have unlimited storage.

I have a donor account, witch costs €5/month or €50/year. Witch get you unlimited storage, maximum speed and your files to remain online.

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max upload size is 20GB and there is no limitations on download speed/expiration time
and of course it’s free:)

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