Which Quickshot with my Handy?

Looking to buy an open-ended sleeve for my Handy.

After doing a Handy sleeve poll on Reddit, the Handy Coral came out top for open-ended sleeves. However, I heard a lot about Quickshots and I’m interested to know which out of the Quickshots is the best and if they beat the Coral.

So, I’ve created another below (please so and cast your votes if you have experience with multiple Quickshots:

I don’t like any of the handy type sleeves. So I 3D printed a hard sleeve holder. The strap of the handy can be sinched down without reducing the size of the sleeve to be able to hold it in place now. I also have another design that has an anti-backflow valve screwed into the top of the sleeve holder. that valve screws onto pipe threads printed on the holder. What this does, when it drives down on you, the air is pushed out through the valve. When it pulls up on you, there is a perfectly nice vacuum that sucks and expands your dick. the valve can be found at any hardware store and is meant to thread onto the end of a hose.

I use several different QS sleeves but it seems that the TypeForm poll is closed.

I have not tried all of them but so far my 2 favorites are Vantage and STU.

My all-time favorite sleeve, also open-ended, is the Fleshskins Grip. Just need to snip out a tiny bit of material between the finger holes to allow the strap to pass through to secure it to the device.

I don’t know if I would like an open sleeve, I like the bit of suction a closed sleeve gives, I was very interested in trying the fleshskins grip though, they have a cheap version on amazon it looks just like the fleshlight version.

I bought it a few weeks ago thinking the same thing. It feels ok but pales in comparison to the Fleshgrip

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Ah thanks for pointing that out! I’ve added a new poll

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