Who wants to "crowdsource" a Liz Jordan PMV together?

PMVs seem popular here. Liz Jordan also seems really popular here.

Recently I came across two great Liz Jordan scenes - one from Kink’s Everything Butt and the scene she did for Gangbang Creampies. The Kink scene is really great but like a lot of the Everything Butt scenes, doesn’t make for a compelling haptic script.

So, I want to produce a PMV using the Everything Butt scene and augmenting it with footage from the gangbang scene (I’m working on a full length script for that which will make an appearance at a later date).

So, here’s how you can participate:
-throw out suggestions for tunes to use for the backing track. My taste in music is too narrowly centered so I need some help in this area.

-if you script PMVs, let me know if you’d like to script this. I am not good at scripting to music. If we get several interested parties, we can possibly have multiple scripts, maybe vote on community’s favorite?

Let me know what you all think! The idea is to take several weeks to a month to produce the final product, I can share WIP edits that folks can weigh in on and at the end of the project, we can all feel like we had some contribution to it.


I’d definitely be interested, however I’m completely new to scripting aside from the basics. Could be fun exercise!

When it comes to syncing music it’s surprisingly simple. You go to the action, find a matching beat for the action which should be easy since it’s usually harmonic movement.

Finally for the scripting you can pretty much ignore music since you already linked it to the action

It should be possible to do it in reverse making the funscript first and measuring the waves interval as foundation for a beat