Why Don't We Have a Automatic BallBusting Toy?

Howdy folks,

How awesome would it be to have a device that grips your balls and squeezes or slaps them?

I’ve been wanting a ballbusting toy for a while now that can sync up to bluetooth and be used for femdom scripts or just in general for those of us who like a bit of ballbusting. I struggle to slap my balls as it’s hard to self-inflict it, but the idea of having something on my balls that I applies pressure or tickles them without me needing to do anything does excite me.

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be anything on the market, but I’d love it if we did. Has anyone seen anything like this or know how we can get something in production? I’m sure there’s a huge market for this as there are no automatic ballbusting toys out there.

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I guess no one will risk it due to safety reasons. Even a stroker device can cause injuries in some cases, but a thing like this is could be super dangerous. Maybe something DIY so you take the responsibility yourself.

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Something like this…

The Big Bang Theory | Howard’s Robot Arm


Not too sure I agree with that considering most toys in that category can be used for pleasure and pain, it’s largey up to how the customer uses the product.

Using an estim box could cause injuries and can be quite dangerous yet manufacturers still sell it as the responsibility falls upon the customer.

Isn’t this what marriage is for?


Why not just velcro your nuts into the Handy?

(seriously though, don’t do this.)

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This is actually very feasible and I only say that because I’ve done it. Didn’t realize that it would be something that would have any demand though.

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I’m interested! Please explain haha - have you made your own DIY toy for ballbusting?

I found this for you:

Damn. Quite pricey! I think this may be out of my reach, especially because it lacks the abilty to determine the power of each hit.