Why Don't We Have a Automatic BallBusting Toy?

Howdy folks,

How awesome would it be to have a device that grips your balls and squeezes or slaps them?

I’ve been wanting a ballbusting toy for a while now that can sync up to bluetooth and be used for femdom scripts or just in general for those of us who like a bit of ballbusting. I struggle to slap my balls as it’s hard to self-inflict it, but the idea of having something on my balls that I applies pressure or tickles them without me needing to do anything does excite me.

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be anything on the market, but I’d love it if we did. Has anyone seen anything like this or know how we can get something in production? I’m sure there’s a huge market for this as there are no automatic ballbusting toys out there.

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I guess no one will risk it due to safety reasons. Even a stroker device can cause injuries in some cases, but a thing like this is could be super dangerous. Maybe something DIY so you take the responsibility yourself.


Something like this…

The Big Bang Theory | Howard’s Robot Arm


Not too sure I agree with that considering most toys in that category can be used for pleasure and pain, it’s largey up to how the customer uses the product.

Using an estim box could cause injuries and can be quite dangerous yet manufacturers still sell it as the responsibility falls upon the customer.

Isn’t this what marriage is for?


Why not just velcro your nuts into the Handy?

(seriously though, don’t do this.)

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This is actually very feasible and I only say that because I’ve done it. Didn’t realize that it would be something that would have any demand though.

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I’m interested! Please explain haha - have you made your own DIY toy for ballbusting?

I found this for you:

Damn. Quite pricey! I think this may be out of my reach, especially because it lacks the abilty to determine the power of each hit.

There was a guy who was working on something like 10 years ago that was basically a motor with a kind of flimsy panel that would whip round and hit you in the balls. He even showed video of him programming the hits with videos so you could watch and experience at the same time. Then one day all his videos were deleted and he disappeared. I think this was on kramtoad or ballbustingtube

why dont we have a mickey dicksmasher toy?

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I’ve imagined how a few DIY designs that could work.

  1. You have a lightweight but painful implement that requires a manual reset and an automatic release. Example: A paperclip attached to a rubberband, the user manually puts the rubberband into a clip or pin that holds it in place and a solenoid releases the pin allowing the rubberband to launch the paperclip to the balls. This way the user could set the level of tension they want based on distance between the launch point and the balls and the specific chosen rubberband’s tension strength. I suppose the reset could be automated and this could then be set to trigger funscript style to a CBT JOI.

  2. You have a rectangular shapes piece of thin plastic between the balls and something that can strike the plastic to giving the striking thing more consistent action and to protect the balls from whatever the moving implement is. The implement could be based on tension or a motor that swings an object towards the plate. If it’s a motor, the power to the motor could be controlled for a different speed, so you could do a rapid harder smacking action or a one-off occasional heavier thuddier bust.

Just ideas, I personally find it easiest to use E-Stim. I can calibrate for a harder “hit” and have a file created ahead of time with different types of pain. I can also include a different channel if I want to put some pain somewhere else, like zapping other sensitive areas like the butt or cock at different times. This then be run perfectly in sync with a video and is more consistent than a mechanical solution where I feel it would require more design, more physical risk, and likely wouldn’t be as consistent. Doesn’t quite feel like getting punched or kicked in th nuts, but it can sting or feel thuddy depending on how the electrodes are placed.

I use E-Stim but I haven’t found a way to make the pain feel in my balls, even with a loop or TENs pad on the scrotum is doesn’t ever get to the balls, it just causes my entire cock to be stimmed.

If you know how to get the balls to feel the pain that would be awesome.

If I use a shoelace and wrap it around the top of the balls(or a ball stretcher would accomplish the same thing) so that way the balls aren’t tight and not saggy and I attach a narrow .5" by 1" TENS pad(I cut the pads down to size) on the left side of the left ball and another one on the right side of the right ball with the position a little towards the bottom of each ball and not the base of the sack, I will only feel the sensation in the balls. This is the only way I can make it feel painful in a way where it remains painful.
It seems like other connection methods like a 1" square pad roughly between the front and bottom of the balls and another larger pad at the perineum or a plug electrode can feel thuddy and doesn’t sting as much but after awhile it doesn’t really give the ‘kick in the nuts feel’ as much as the side by side configuration on the balls but it depends on my mood and what sensation I’m looking for.
…but estim is a weird thing because one configuration can feel completely different between people

Sorry for my absence lol. This is something I could very easily make for you. All that would be required on your end would be an airbrush compressor which is extremely quiet and inexpensive. Shoot me a message or something. You can even email me if thats cool here? Idk. “The_legion” at the good ol fashion AOL…