Why isn't the OSR2 a commercial product?

Hey the OSR2 lineup seems more of a underground incomplete dui product for tinkerers or sold on a small independent site which limits its reach. Curious why it hasn’t it been sold to like a big company such as kiiro, fleshlight…? I think it should be part of a large company that puts resources towards advertisement, has professional packaging, warranty…because it seems that because it is not a commercial product I don’t see it going mainstream and the userbase will remain small. SLR doesnt even natively support the OSR2+ and if this were more of a mainstream product i think it would and there would be more multi axis scripts being created. The tech of this product is far superior/advanced to other devices and I feel its reach is being limited in its current state. Teledildonics still feels like a very small niche in the porn market most people are sadly not aware of or own. Imo being a commercial product part of a large company wouldn’t be selling out, it would be exposing this wonderful tech more to the masses, which would progress the innovation and technology in the space even further.


Would really like to see it becoming professional product. SLR will be happy to have it succeed


i dont know if the ïnventor of the OSR wants it to be a mass produced product, his intentions might be that he wants it to stay a homemade product, no idea. And second it is technically the best machine around but it is not a good looking machine, and something that is mass produced needs to look slick. I myself dont see an easy way to get it to look good (not home fabricated) unless you start using expensive materials, but even then it would look like a weird contraption a box with arms attached to it holding a fleshlight.

And lets be honest which one would you buy a keon/handy or an OSR if you saw them in a sexshop and you knew nothing about these toys, i bet you would buy a handy/keon.

But i do hope that in the near future a company designs a “successor” of the osr+/SR6 that is smaller and looks better as it is the best toy.

It’s fine as it is.

Source of the success of the OSR2/SR6 is the code and the design is open and allow a lot of customization.
That’s all thanks to Tempest’s open mind.

The community is great and we are making a lots of mods for it, software forks and derivated devices. That’s something a commercial product nearly never offer.

There’s also a huge advantage of it being printed : you can fully repair and upgrade it. You have way more control over you device than with a commercial product.

Regarding looks, the SR6 beta look is awesome imo.


@ethanfel yes there are advantages for people like you and me(tinkerers, people that are somewhat tech savy) but what about for the average joe 90+ percent of people that have absolutely no knowledge of technology or want to open up/mod a device. Most people want an easy plug in play device that is seamless, easy to setup and if something breaks just send in for repair like most commercial products. I definitely see the advantages for certain people me included but perhaps there can be 2, the current one and a commercial one. When something comes to mainstream usage its all about user experience/ease of use. Thats why windows is mainstream and linux is not, even tho linux has more advantages for tech savy people. What im talking about is not for me or you. Its for the average joe, and until the product caters for the average joe and is professionally packaged/sold product, it is being limited in its reach.

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i don’t see things like that at all.

One of the reason that both devices are awsome are because they open and DIY
Tempest have been a good leader in this, it seems like he is really enjoying all the mods etc that his community is doing.

Mainstream have their products already. Converting it to a “mainstream” product would take a considerable amount of time, stopping more or less the improvement of the DIY stuff and i don’t wish to see that.

Anyway, That’s Tempest’s choice in the end. He was a guest a few weeks back on some streaming podcast (i can’t remember the name, it’s was pretty great).
I remember that he said that the current device and sharing method was what he was hoping for from the start or something like that.

I’m very grateful for it. I’ve been enjoying modding both devices for months (nearly a year) now (and created my own), all thanks to Tempest decision to go diy and open :slight_smile:

OSR = Open Sex Robot

Being open is generally incompatible with being a commercial product.

I think its best features would likely disappear in any attempt to commercialize the product (beyond the extent that it already is, via people building and selling complete units). For example, one of its key features - raw speed - would no doubt be nerfed due to liability concerns.

While I understand the desire for a packaged product with support, that’s just not what the OSR is.


There are many reasons for it, first of all it just looks awful, and there is no amount of aesthetics redesign that is going to make it look sleeker than the alternatives, then there is the cost, currently a handy/keon are being sold for about 200€ and those are single motor machines, a fully functioning OSR2 would always have to go for well above that, which would likely make it more of a niche product within a niche.
Then there is a big one which is safety, the design is almost certainly massively less safe than a handy or keon, with its “long” arms there is ample room to have the user member slip out of the toy followed by a few wrong moves on the machine with powerful motors, and the user could get seriously hurt.

There is just no way OSR2 makes it fully commercial by a big brand kind of thing without essentially having it be redesigned from scratch.

Feel like any fully commercial product that wants to be more of a mainstream male sex toy will likely have to constrain itself to the keon/launch member in a tube approach, especially since honestly, it is not a bad approach, and there is a lot that can be done to keep some of the functionality of OSR2 by taking a delta 3d printer like approach to the part that secures the fleshlight.
In the end until we start seeing some more companies entering the market I don’t expect much development here, I mean the Launch came out in 2017 or whatever, and all they released since then is the kiiro which is at best a sidegrade, and honestly as someone that has disassembled his launch to fix it, that was just a really basic kind of poorly made product that was just way overpriced for what it is.

Oh yeah, it also doesn’t help that every company that enters this field is trying some kind of proprietary bullshit with the sleeves to try and make a buck there, instead of trying to make a buck through the script side of things (which is likely a far far better source of income but what ever), there is just absolutely no reason why keon isn’t out of the box 100% compatible with fleshlights, and barely any reason for the handy to not be as well.

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to be fair with the Handy, FL are heavy. The device is realtively cheap and increasing its strengh for FL would inccrease the cost of the device.

Don’t expect it would make much of a difference to the cost of it, they already provide a 3d printing file for people to use to mount fleshlights on it, which I have been using for a few good months now, yet have had no issues with it, now obviously it might break in time, like the fleshlight launch did (although it was an easy fix with some epoxy), but doubt it, it genuinely looks far more robust than the fleshlight launch ever was, it has even fallen into the ground and still fine.

As far as I can tell, there are only really 2 points that might need improving to be fully compatible.
First is a more robust mounting point, since the current mounting is clearly made for the strap, but this would essentially just be a bit extra plastic, so dirt cheap.
Second would probably be some better cooling of the motor for when it gets warmer, although honestly haven’t had too much issue there, it can get toasty depending on the script, but not “I’m melting an electric motor” kind of hot.

i have a Handy, even if i’m not using it anymore i’ve tried the FL with it.

It’s kinda bad because it’s super slow with it.

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OSR2 creator here.

I can tell you why I’m not selling them commercially. I love designing my machines and my userbase are just the best bunch of people. Thanks to them I get to work for myself, dream up new designs and share them with an enthusiastic audience. Why would I ever go corporate when I get to do this instead.

Commercial machines could be a lot better with just a little imagination. I started building my robots because I’d seen one disappointing kickstarter too many and wanted to give the industry a kick up the backside. The original OSR2 is now on Thingiverse. It’s not patented and never will be. If someone wants to use it or any part of it for their own project, commercial or otherwise, they have my blessing and I’d be happy to help.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to wait, I make my designs and build instructions as simple and easy to follow as possible.


This is meant to be commercial version of Tempest genius SLR interactive sex toy

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Building the SR6 is what got me off my ass and venturing outside my comfort zone of bio/chem engineering. I’ve since started designing and building things in electro/mech that I would have never thought twice about touching before.