Why strokers look ugly and how to fix it? Any product designers around?

I’ve been always curious why on Earth does it have to be that bad?

Pussy is cool and it’s naturally attractive. What does it take to come up with some great designs for a stroker that would bring arousal every time looking or thinking of it.

Curious what would be objects in nature that would make it super sexy once turned into stroker.



I don’t think something like that exists. Even in the era of silicone sex dolls, there’s no design for an inanimate object imaginable that I would think “gotdang them silicone flipperflappers and hole-a-ma-jigs get me hard just thinking about them. I’m so horny looking at that rubber toy.”

We’re all here because we’re horny, but the experience is audio/video/physical. I think the video is always going to be more visually stimulating than any silicone toy.

Personally I use the standard Handy Gen 2, and I don’t think it’s aesthetically good or bad. It serves the purpose.


Have to agree with @Dangalang, no object turns me on. However I can say that the sight of lips and toes wrapped around my member does turn me on. There is a hole in the market for us foot fetish guys, I’ve looked everywhere and a proper foot stroker does not exist. Realdoll makes a very nice looking mouth stoker, but $450 is out of my price range.

…did you see this abomination? A step in the right direction? Or does it lack soul? They also have fully articulated ‘real’ feet, listed under ‘hand masturbators’.

UK site, but they have an outlet in Germany…

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Form over function never works out well, and there’s no way resources will be put into form without taking away from function.

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@TheLandOfInfiniteFun your a straight poet mate :+1:
And no, that does not appeal to me. I feel like that falls in the same category as inanimate objects with a hole in them.
Ideally what I would love to get is something that can do this.

I prefer my fuck toys to be at least slightly covert. That is, if some rando stumbles upon them, I would not want them to immediately think “Ugh, sex toy. What a pervert.” Flesh-tone toys and anatomically correct = cringe to me.

I’m using my Handy with a VR headset 99% of the time anyway and the other 1% is staring at a screen, so visual presentation of the toy has zero in-the-act impact for me.

However, there have been times I found myself fondling the Handy during a handsfree session. So something that has a nice tactile feel works for me. Like squeezable rubber instead of hard plastic. Or smooth curves vs hard edges.

That’s exactly my thinking to come up with something non anatomical yet super sexy

I vote for hard edges, I think she’s sexy in her own way :sunglasses:

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I dont see the need for that. The main reason for realistic looking toys is because you want a more realistic experience around it. The texture of the ‘sleeve’ then doesnt even matter as much, as you want to focus on the appearances.

The reason a toy to mimic an ass is good, is because its weight makes it feel like you can realy grip someone. Its sometimes clumsy handling is part of the experience. Not all positions are easily doable in sex either. But thats also why afterward it rewards better, because it then just feels better. You can hold a sleeve in the same angle, but without visuals it just wont do the same, even if the reponse (bump/jiggle) would otherwise be the same.

VR cover this visual part well. hence simple sleeves can often do fine. But the main reason here is simply that the machines have a lot of power in them to get the motion done in a convincing way. And this power is for example doing the same as a heavier ass toy would. It causes your body to receive extra feedback as if you did actualy hit at full power.
Even without VR it can already be quite convincing. This is the diffirence between a good and average script.

If something has to be non anatomical, just make it look cool, and its fine. Just look at most of the tenga line. Simple designs, yet effective.

My biggest issue is that most toys do not actualy involve a nice surface for the handy to grip into. Without ridges the sleeves for me will always slide out making them unusable. Even with the handy sleevs themselve i often enough have this issue (but in that case i attached them too losely).

Still, i can think of a design: A sucking plant. It has been thought of before (a certain pokemon is memed about often). But in the end, its a design that still can have a living experience but doesnt look human at all.