Why you should build an SSR1?

Why the SSR1 is a huge upgrade from the common device

  • not hard to build if you can solder two points together and you have a 3D printer

  • parts are cheap, BOM is on discord hardware sourcing sticky

  • All parts and Discord Access if you are on Tempests Patreon for 8 bucks for only a month but you will quite likely stay.

  • you get a lot of help on Discord if you get stuck

  • you help a guy that designs this for you and makes it better over time

  • faster

  • can go slower

  • really quiet, maybe the biggest reason, its so silent, no loud ticking

  • no connection problems to a server

  • no uploading of scripts

  • no delay uploading a script

  • much lower delay when changing movies

  • stay in your network

  • no firm involved shady or not

  • if you can design you can remix parts or make new ones

  • works with Heresphere and Virtual Desktop over Multifunplayer

  • sleeves like before if you want

Thank you Tempest


It really is great. I’m sort of baffled it is not more of a big deal across the internet.
It vastly outperforms things like the Keon. Whisper quiet. Easily affordable. Loads of possible customization in both software and hardware to dial it in exactly how you’d like. Simple enough to assemble even if you’re all thumbs, but still own a soldering iron and a 3d printer.

It seems like there could be some interesting new add ons in the future too, seeing that the twist mechanism of the OSR devices has been moved off the arms and onto the main body, and the squeeze mechanism demos too etc.


I think this is a good time to mention that I do sell this product.


@M0SAIC Do you plan on creating add ons like a lube dispenser and heated case for the SSR1?

I will wait for Tempest and or others in the community to do the creating. Not really my area of expertise if I am being honest.

Those questions are exactly why you need to get a Patreon if you are interested in the product. I think you need the highest sub to receive his future plans.

@roa I’ve messaged Tempest directly on discord and have had this conversation. I’m just poking around on Ero to see if anyone has created add ons for it.

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Ask the guy you bought it from.

Is the SSR1 as good as, or better than The Handy?

I am comparing it to the Handy in fact.

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I like the idea of printing one off and assembling it myself. If I had a 3D printer I would be making one now!

Then get a 3D printer. Voron is a fun build (at least LDO set I had) Bambulab XC1 is less tinker.

What has to be said there is a couple of Patreons you need except the mandatory Tempest Maker Patreon. For what I see I recommend these atm to help the cause:

Tempest MAX (Tempest MAx | Creating Homebuild Multi Axis Stroker Robots | Patreon) the toy
TidyPrints (TidyPrints | creating 3D Printable Robot Parts | Patreon) remixes and new printables
Yoooi (Yoooi | creating open source software | Patreon) Multifunscripter connection between player/toy
Khrull (Khrull | creating games/software | Patreon) very good alternative Arduino Firmware only wifi atm

So that adds to the cheap toy price if you make it yourself but has to be mentioned, at least a couple of months if you dont want to help the project.

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Actual performance of the SSR1 depends on your specific build. Though it will definitely be better at handling slow actions with precision, due to a different communication method. The Handy on the other hand has a “hard-coded” minimum speed, where its firmware would drastically change the script content to cheese through slower actions.