Will converting the tenga spinner to “open sleeve” cause the spinning action to no longer spin?

I ordered the TENGA SPINNER BRICK Special Soft Edition. It was recommended for use with the Handy stroker for those who prefer a softer sleeve. As I understand it this model is a closed end sleeve. However, I tend to not like suction in my sleeves and in the past have had satisfying results converting closed end sleeves to open end by stretching them over a piece of rounded plastic and making a slight cut at the top. This allows air to enter and exit as the sleeve is moved over the penis and eliminates suction. But I wonder if the spinner’s twisting action is dependent on the suction and if cutting a hole at the top would cause the tenga to no longer twist.


suction is for sure the main driver for the tenga spinner twist that it does. I do think it would still twist as it goes off the end of your dick and the amount would be based on your girth. if you are thicker, it would probably be more pronounced than if you were thinner.


It’s just a plastic coil in a sleeve. As you enter, the coil gets fatter and shorter, causing the sleeve to spin slightly in one direction. As you exit, the coil gets longer and thinner, causing the sleeve to spin in the opposite direction.

It only spins if you hold the very top of the toy and it only spins as it passes the head of your penis. If you place the handy strap around the middle of the sleeve it doesn’t really spin much. If you cut a hole and use it as an open sleeve then the spinning only occurs when you’re partially inserted into the toy. If you stroke your penis but never go past the head, so the entire toy is on your penis the whole time, then it won’t really spin.

I found the toy to be a waste of money. YMMV. I couldn’t get it to work well with the handy and it was really tight for me. I also bought the brick and modified it with an open end.


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I wrote to Tenga and they agree with you.

I would imagine since it is a band around the device itself, good suction would allow it to twist better on the up strokes. So with you removing the suction would more or less result in less twisting, which defeats the product’s purpose.

I would suggest going for open ended onaholes weighing less than 300 grams, which is hard to find but i find the Handy tends to work very well with onaholes if they weigh around the 300- 350 grams area. Any heavier and it seems that the Handy is struggling on the faster strokes.

Thanks. I think you are right.

I started looking into this spinner when it was reccomended here: reddit.com: over 18?

This guy seems to think the spinning works even when the sleeve is strapped in.

I would say the one good thing about TENGA as a whole is the variety of patterns they have.

In the end I do follow recommendations, BUT it is truly different strokes for different folks in this case. so what might work for certain people who claim it is 120% the best, might not be the 120% you’re expecting.

I do recommend the soft brick pattern though because it was the most stimulating for me when I used Tenga sleeves, but now I mainly stick to the default Handy sleeve for ease of use and balance of stimulation,

Really? These are my go to’s for the handy now! What’s your favourite sleeve to use with it?

I’m one of the guys in the comments that recently got it, it does spin depending on where you strap it in. I usually go for a bit below the bottom of the sleeve and the top still spins.

So you do you use the original strap? And I assume you kept it close ended?

Yeah I use the original strap, mines kinda busted up a bit the band material separated into two layers recently but still works.

And, I keep it closed ended, I like the suction. It does mean when its the strap however its kind of hard for air to escape I find, unless I strap it in already inside.

I use the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage for HJ videos and PMV’s.

I use the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust for BJ videos. I had to modify the case by cutting away most of the plastic so it would be light enough for the Handy to handle. I cut about 1.5" off of the end of the sleeve as well.

Damn that’s crazy! So I’m guessing you had to cut off the suction valve cap as well? Do you also have the 3d printed fleshlight adapter? I recently got a Quickconnect so I can use 2 Quickshots stuck together with it (no modifications necessary)

No 3D printed adapter, but I did cut off the suction cap. I never liked the suction caps in fleshlights. I’m well endowed and the fleshlight is tight enough as is. When I use the suction cap the sleeve becomes so tight that I can’t feel any texture at all.