Will these scripts and crank shaft driven machines like F machine Tremblr work?


Looking at the scripts they seem to say pos xxx, is this referencing a screw-jack type platform position? Or is it just a point of reference that denotes a stroke etc? So, with a crank shaft driven machine would it be possible to write a script that speeds up, slows down in time with the video?

I am working on a positional sensor for my machine that will read top dead centre, then a “suck” would mean getting there and back in time with the video.

What do we think people? Interested in hooking this up!

The positions always refer to the actual position and not the position of a piston like rotation. 0 means fully down, 100 means fully up. And a full stroke therefor goes from 100 to 0 to 100 again.

You would need something linear instead of a piston system to get around the 100-0-100 limitation. But this is not where it ends. Since even if you could adjust that to a linear motion, note that those suction changes require (quite) a bit more power than what for example the handy can provide. Sure, it can be done, but it requires a lot more work. I think systems like the serious kit (which have a constant vaccuum chamber and dont rely on piston action) would work better here. But that obviously also costs a lot more.

But the subtle control of 0-100… im not sure if it will be reliable enough there. And even then, you need to control the devices at high accuracy, and i dont think the serious kit even allows this (maybe worth to send as a suggestion for a feature to them though, i would not be surpried if they actualy would be interested into making it work with funscripts).

And yes, in theory if all you want is a suction moment to match, the tremblr could be used here (requires a bit more sensors to be used - which is doable!). In this case you can control the on/off/speed settings and use the sensors to verify positions. It wont allow quick changes (the tremblr has a delay in responses, and its speed adjustments needs several commands). But if you want to try it, it can at least be made to get somewhat close in sync with some basic actions. Still, i think the effort will be too much for the immersion effect here. The tremblr was never designed for this.

And all of this does require technical and programming knowledge, its not an easy project if you want to go for it

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Thanks so much for this, I’ll look over it in detail and see what magic can be worked!

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