WIP Scripts / scripting category (idea)

Different from #incomplete-script , this category would serve as a place for scripters to share their work in progress scripts that they plan to finish.

  • May help scripters identifying duplicated work in advance.
  • Simply sharing WIP brings good motivation for creators to keep working.
  • Can gather opinions and feedbacks about ongoing script (if there would be any)
  • Format of these topics could be variable. Maybe screenshot of work interface or gif preview of sections of the script. Even attach the actual wip script for additional feedback. And a few small talk if needed.
  • May cause a clutter of topics. Can only allow up to one topic each script per person. The topics may be closed after the script is finalized and released, in which the OP could link to the released script and close the topic.

Update: Now I think of it, maybe can be a single #scripting categories for all scripting related topics. The idea is to have a dedicated place for scripters to share progress and experience, probably could bring more ppl onto scripting as well.

We previously had a script feedback category and it was basically unused. Not sure if things have changed since then that it’d increase usage. But feel free to disagree