Wireless Handy addon with Makita Powertool battery

Note that this is currently only a proof of concept!

Because the cable annoys me when using the handy in Cowgirl, I came up with the idea to use a Makita tool battery with a stepdown regulator to power the handy…

So far I have only made a few sketches with tinkercad because I do not have access to Fusion360 over the holidays…

As step down regulator I will use the mini 560 which has no problem to deliver the 4A in my attempts.

I also want to integrate a killswitch to be able to switch off the supply quickly.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas what else could be implemented?
Or for what reasons this could generally be a stupid idea of mine :stuck_out_tongue:


…the extra weight is gonna keep the Handy anchored better, put as much weight at the base obviously!

Nothing really constructive to add, i just think this is a great idea, and not just for odd positions. Camping trips, long car journeys, and every stealth fuck you can think of spring to mind. Then there’s the BDSM possibilities, mobile harness, etc.

Nice, i love a good hack, very curious how it works out, best of luck…!

I’m assuming this is for the 18V LXT range? Another option would be 12V tool batteries to save the step down.

Very cool idea.

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This is great idea, 18v makita is very common. I hope you share STL when you get this finished.

A release on Thingiverse or Printables.com is planned as soon as I am satisfied with the result and when I have ensured that the handy will not be damaged during use.

I will make the battery holder interchangeable so that more systems are possible apart from Makita LXT.

Unfortunately I can only make battery mounts for Makita LXT and Bosch 18V because I don’t own other systems.

I would also like to integrate a pair of mounting threads, but I am not yet sure whether to use M8/M10 or 1/4" - 20 UNC (tripod thread) or even to develop a mount for a quick-change system…

Looks like Legos… but works for ironing out major faults :smiley:

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Unfortunately, the buck converter (Mini560) does not work with the Handy. When accelerating strongly, I measure up to 7A peak current at the Handy … which unfortunately triggers the OCP of the regulator.
I have ordered two alternative types which will unfortunately pause the project by at least 1 month.


Its out in the wild…

Thank you for Your suggestions and support.


I will continue too refine the Design (i am still new to fusion360)


It looks damn good. I would only add pegs or preferrably holes for insertable pegs that correspond to the corner mounts on the PCB and include which buck your used in the BOM for that particular model.

Having holes for pegs instead of the pegs themselves means that multiple hole arrangements can be made for different PCBs without modifying the model.

Yea… Pegs are good idea i will integrate them in the next revision.
i also want to improve the tripod mount with an o-ring to prevent the coarse 1/4-20 UNC from unscrewing it self.(After 3 hours of testing with Flashlight and Dildo the screw got too lose)

My 4 Ah Battery lasted 5h with Cock Hero Ultimate in loop… with still 2 bars left

I picked this one:

I will correct the printables BOM and will make a photo of the buck converter
I’ve set the current limiter to 4.5A and voltage to 12V