Would more scripters be interested in scripting JAV if

The last post I made I learned that due to the length of video, constant angle change, and just the mosaics detracted a lot of scripters from scripting JAV in general.

I was wondering if scenes like this would be better for script: Ai Uehara BJ

If so, I might try to request more scenes like this and/or try to straight up just cut a scene out of a movie and upload it for people to script to.

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Ima be honest the japanese have some crazy films out there that i wish were scripted

I stray away from JAV because it often has the most importent parts blurred out. Blur (mosaic) does not turn me on :slight_smile: If it’s uncensored as in your example, I’m all in!


I agree massively that for myself I find that JAV censorship is too over the top and so just a general turn off unless I find some of the crazy JAV videos that you just gotta have to have to use when your in a weird mood of nothing else fitting.
However that isn’t all of it since using the video provided as reference it would be a challenge for myself to script it if single axis and even multi-axis because vibrating the device is currently the only way to simulate sucking if the device doesn’t have a suction module. (which is rare) Additionally it would be better off if the video was edited to just be the BJ maybe as doing female masturbation on a stroking device is just guess work and no reference point to follow like her mouth going up and down on the penis.

As a result I feel the reason why less JAV is done personally is the censorship and the content. (Since some videos are an hour long which is a massive commitment to script as a few minute long video can take hours if not a few days) Which is why I am interested in finding out possibly about AI models that can reduce if not remove censorship like the one that did this one: (Umemaro) Vol.14 Cheeky Girl which I still have no idea what did it yet.