Would this interst anyone?

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to test the waters a little bit to see if anyone would be interested in this type of video to be made and scripted.

Much like Virtamate (VAM) Skyrim has a vast NSFW catalogue of content available. Personally I like a lot of what there is on offer, and compared to VAM it:

  1. Doesnt require a rocketship to run smoothly
  2. Is much easier and less mind numbing to get a decent scene set up, video recorded, and then splice the clips together.

Now, keeping in mind how easy it is to alter characters, outfits, the strength of the physics, bodyshape, POV, etc. - once again would there be any interest in this type of content?

I quickly put together a very short example video with a - hastily made - script of 2B from Neir in two positions. If you dont want to test the script here are the gifs :arrow_down:

2b skyrim test 1

2b skyrim test

If you want to test the video please note I have since changed the audio (voices, sound effects) to be much higher quality.

Video (2:50) - MEGA

2b skyrim test.funscript (10.5 KB)

I could be searching the wrong keywords but I’ve only seen a very limited ammount of VAM content on here and havent yet seen any skyrim made content. I’d definitely be interested in making it if people wanted it.

  • Yes
  • No
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Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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Seems like it’d be a lot of fun, loverslab has a massive screenshot thread that’s been active for over a decade if you’re looking for ideas

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Jeeeez lol, had a quick look through a few, 800+ pages is crazy!