Would you buy this a Fleshlight like this?

I have tried Fleshlights new Turbo and quick shot Turbo oral simulators and frankly, there pretty disappointing.

I’m wondering how many of you would buy a Fleshlight that looks something like this, but made by Fleshlight.


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  • NO

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fleshlight used to make mouth orifices like that, but discontinued due to poor sales. You might be able to email their support and see if you could get your hands on one but I doubt it. They weren’t all that great anyway, imo

lol ahhh man i missed out on one of them, they look pretty sexy lol

There were already tons of onahole with that type of design in the Japanese toy market. So fleshlight is not bringing anything to the table. Honestly to me the only appeal of fleshlight was the original launch. And with the introduction of the handy, it has rendered the fleshlight products obsolete to me. The Japanese brands are better prized, have superior products and are infinitely way more diverse.


could you recommend me those japanese sleeve brands pls?

Sure, the “meiki” toys are something you can look for to get an idea. They have similar shape to FLs but more intense, more material per gram as well. Go to “kanojotoys” you can see a lot of what’s available there. And brands, there’s a lot of them, but I would say “Nippori Gift” is a pretty good one.

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@poneis Have a look here for Onahole reviews

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La Bocca Della Verita SUPREMACY! :slight_smile: