Would you like to control sex toys of each other on SLR? 🤔

Hey guys

I’m curious if we should provide SLR users an option to control sex toys of each other. We have those things down the list:

  • multi user playback allowing you to invite people for group watch
  • live cam girls sex toy management
  • orgy sex toy session
  • Lovense Nora and Kiiroo female sex toys integration

You can see where things going.

Let me knowhow you like it.


I like the idea

I guess I’d put it this way: any and all features are, of course, welcome. But I’m not sure this one would see a ton of use except for the cam girl sessions. I think there’s definitely a market out there for that kind of virtual sex, particularly if there’s a controller/one can be developed which is basically a dildo that converts skin contact into the relevant motions.

Basically, just having someone else controlling it isn’t super enticing. It’s something, but just having a cam girl turning dials to change speed and length just doesn’t really change things much from a randomizer, and I expect would prove gimmicky. Probably not worth the development time which could be spent elsewhere. On the other hand, if a cam girl could ride a dildo and that could be converted in real-time to toy movements, that’s definitely some interesting territory that could become a market unto itself.


I second Sinibus. More features are always welcome, although I wouldn’t personally use any of those features

Having participated in live shows where a performer is controlling the Handy in real time, my personal feeling is that it’s GREAT - but very, very dependent on the performance of the model in question.
Since the cam models that I’ve seen on SLR have pretty poor english and generally aren’t very high-energy (which is fair enough given how long they perform each day) I don’t think they’d do a good job giving these kinds of shows.

The real-time dildo stuff is very, very hard to do technically, but I think it would be quite easy to link up handy intensity to their vibe intensity, which might be fun!

TBH i am a bit disillusioned with SLR it was great a few months ago and now i cannot stream scripts and the local files method is buggy and keeps timing out etc.
Additionally i cannot watch the 200deg fisheye movies(which i bought scripts for).
i have spent a fortune on memberships and scripts and feel quite a bit “short changed” TBH.
i wouldn’t mind seeing another site similar that doesn’t get people onboard then pull the rug from underneath them.
any developers out there working on this?


@golfball - hit me up on discord (Realcumber#3476) so we can try to iron out your issues if you dont mind

Theres a good chance its just something easily fixable/adjustable (hopefully) , but I would be happy to help and see whats going on in your case

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as has been said in here all features are welcome, some wont be used alot but still welcome for sure so keep them coming :slight_smile:

hi Mate, i dont use Discord sorry , i am away at weekend but would appreciate any help you can give me next week, i send you a message on here?

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yeah of course anytime

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I think if the cam girls had the nora and kiiroo toys and were taught how to do the QR setup, that would be very good.

Honestly, the only idea that I feel would work is the “orgy sex toy session”, and that being imagined as cam girls being able to control a swarm of user toys at the same time, but their controls need work over all. If given the right controllers, then a special show where they can do a sex act and control the users toys could be best. Everything else seems niche, even a cam girl controlling a toy on a per person basis. I’ve tried that, and can say that it isn’t that great beyond a curiosity.