XBVR add video not from studio?

Hi, is there a way to add to XBVR video that are not matching studio. Like cockhero etc. I asked on discord. Someone talked about a custom json but need more information

Doesn’t it just go into the unmatched category? Should play as normal from there, right?

I never saw this there is a unmatched category on the VR interface ? If there is a script it will match ?

I can only speak to DeoVR, but there it should be one of the four categories just above the preview images. Scripts worked for me using the same filename, since XBVR doesn’t rename unmatched videos.

okey will have a look to this thanks

Here’s the thing, XBVR won’t play the funscript for unmatched videos unless the script is downloaded to your headset. If the video is matched to a scene, the funscript will play from wherever it’s located. :man_shrugging:

Stash doesn’t make you do any of this except have the files named the same, but Stash forces you to use an absolutely worthless web player. :rage:

They would probably accomadate an FR to enable funscripts for unmatched scenes. You may get them to go the custom JSON route to fix it proper, but that’s a bit more work.

Now, what I have done to fix that issue on my end is match a scene to something else, but with the same actress for example.

From there, you can go in and change titles, pictures, descriptions, etc… So if you don’t have too much content this may be a solution for you. I have only one really obscure Claudia Bavel scene alling in the unmatched category. No idea what producer that one is from :slight_smile:


This is not a solution for me. :rofl:

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