XBVR and heresphere. Unmatched videos help

Hey guys

I’m trying to stream some of the great jav and funscripts from the community. Trying to store both vid and scripts in my external HD and stream to my oculus quest 2 using heresphere.

I managed to stream the videos by just going to the unmatched section in the XBVR ui but how do I get the scripts streaming?

Both files are unmatched because the scrappers don’t have the studios of the JAV files.

Any advice?

I don’t think it will work with unmatched scenes, but XBVR has a way to add JAV scenes. The “Create/Import scene” page has a way to manually scrape scenes from some JAV websties (I haven’t used that for a while so can’t remember exactly how it works).
Alternativly it also has a way to manually create a custom scene on the same page.

Also if not aware you need to export a copy of the scripts from the funscripts page in XBVR as the file name on the streamed video doesn’t match the file name of the actual file.

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I gave up on XBVR because my entire collection is basically unmatched. I just stream everything with smb to Heresphere.

I assumed because all your files are renamed from the (usually terrible) original file names?

Took a while to match everything when I first set it up but I think it’s worth it.

Yeah there’s certainly that. :laughing: I obsess over everything following my own naming conventions. Also the overwhelming majority of my collection is not VR. I went through trying to get XBVR and Stash to work for me before Heresphere came out. Once it did, and I figured out how to set up smb sharing, I just didn’t feel the need to bother with it anymore.

Where can I find the create / import scene page?

And do I match both the video and the funscript to the same custom or searched jav ID?

Could you please explain the exporting of the funscript on the funscripts page? Thank you so much

It’s under Options > Create/Import scene. Yes the video and funscript both need to be matched to the same scene ID (I think if you run a file scan after matching one it will probably match the other itself)

As for exporting the scripts, go to the funscripts tab and click download all funscripts. The export that file somewhere and tell MFP (or whatever funscript player you are using) where they are. (for example a funscript I have was origionally called “WankzVR - PinBallers - Melanie Marie (_180_LR).funscript” and the copy XBVR exported is called “22770 - PinBallers”.

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Thank you!!

Do I need to export the funscript if I’m going from XBVR to Heresphere?

Actually sorry I don’t think you need to export the funscripts in that use, that step is only if you are using a different script player (I’m using XBVR with Heresphere & MFP).
If you are using a Handy then XBVR should send the matching script directly to Heresphere.

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