XBVR and Scriptplayer - Video name problem


I’m not sure if it is a bug or I just didn’t configure the setup properly. I have all my videos and Funkscript added to XBVR and can watch the them with DeoVR on my headset.
Scriptplayer is also connected to DeoVR and work like a charm if i play videos locally stored on my Headset.

I exported in XBVR all funscripts and stored on the headset and locally where I also added them to Scriptplayer search path.

When i select a video in Deovr, i see an error message in Scriptplayer that he can’t find the matching script. This seems to be caused by the appendix to the video name ("? some parameters ). The name fits to the scripts I exported from xbvr, but the mentioned appendix isn’t part of the filename, since this seem to be options and parameters send by deovr.

Does anybody has the same Problem or even better the solution :wink: I was also playing with the fuzzy name matching in script player but without success.


You should also add all scripts to interactive folder in your quest2. ı think that it will solve your problem easily.

I did this all scripts are also in the interactive folder.
But due to the error message in Scriptplayer, I thought the issue is there.

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