XBVR - DeoVR vs Heresphere

I’m curious which GUI people prefer - DeoVR or Heresphere? I currently have DeoVR, but am disappointed because the video picture cards do not show up when browsing content. I just see a bunch of black squares.
Do the picture cards show up fro the videos in Heresphere when browsing videos? If so, I will happily spend the money for the app.

Thumbnails? no they dont. Theres some option to use xbvr to generate thumbs but it doesnt work for everyone because it can only make thumbnails for videos that you get from a studio “legitimately”. I would also pay for the thing and not pirate either of them if they could handle that. I should be able to watch my 2d and vr library on my headset and have some type of file explorer with thumbnails and basic sorting. Oh and funscript ability. I dunno the thumbnail thing in my opinion is totally unacceptable and pisses me off.

HereSphere works with what you give it. If you want to have cover / poster images and video previews then you’ll likely want to use xbvr with HereSphere. Although xbvr is focused on VR content, it does work for 2D / flat video as well.

In xbvr everything revolves around scenes. VR scenes can be scraped automatically. For flat content you need to create a custom scene. You must enter a URL for the cover art. I usually grab a still from EroScripts or Rule34Video.com. Failing that I’ll use the animated GIF, although this is redundant with xbvr’s preview feature. Worst case, you can save an image and host it using xbvr itself in the myfiles folder.

Then you match the video, funscript, and/or subtitles to the scene. xbvr has settings to automatically generate animated gif style previews for scenes. Note that you must have associated a video with the scene for this to happen! It is also a scheduled task, so you need to configure xbvr accordingly.

xbvr also generates heatmaps for funscripts automatically, although you need to turn on the display of these in the xbvr settings.

(Sorry @IIEleven11 - this scene had too little nudity for me to rate it more than 1 star)

At this point if you open xbvr’s web gallery interface in HereSphere you’ll see a nice gallery view with cover art and funscript heatmaps. Previews show up if you hover over a scene. It’s the way I browse all my porn these days.

I normally use the Quest version of HereSphere, but I grabbed a screenshot using the Steam PC app for reference.

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haha hey sometimes when theyre not nude its better. I dunno what it is but its the tease maybe or the imagination. lol

Ok so what happens when I have like 2000 videos 90% of which are not from any studio. then 1000 of them I have associated funscripts with and theyre next to the video.
From what I could tell I would have to manually create and place the thumbnail for each video and even worse I have to manually match each video and script. This is just too much effort. And before you say why do you have 2000 videos and to that I say. yes

Yes, you do need to manually match your files to get the benefits. Whether that’s worth the effort is a personal decision.

I have ~4,600 manually created scenes with matching video and funscript files myself - all from EroScripts basically. That’s out of 26,000 scenes with video and 18,000 of those with funscripts. Almost 200TB total, although that is going down as I convert everything to h.265. So I’ve already done the hard work for my xbvr setup. It’s great, but definitely required lots of time.

I understand not everyone wants to run their own SLR though! :rofl:

Yeah I mean all of that functionality resides within stashapp. I dont see why they dont just copy it. it would just improve everyones life