XBVR/Stash noobie - please help!

Hi, I’m trying to set up both of these apps at the same time to run with Heresphere, and the main problem I have is that they are both accessed via the same port, so when one is running the other won’t even start. Is it possible to amend either of them to enable to be able to browse both?

Another issue I’m having with stash is that I don’t seem to have any scrapers set up and I’m not sure how to deal with that.

Thanks for any help!

I used to run them both, however as soon as Stash was available within Heresphere, I dropped XBVR and now have a singular library manager. Much easier to have it all in one place IMO. However, in answer to your question, yes! If you are using dockers, you would simply set one of the services to use a different external port, so you’re essentially NATing the traffic to avoid the conflict. When I used both, I had XBVR on 9999 and Stash on 10000.

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Ah, thanks for the help, I’ve actually manually adapted the config.yml from Stash to a different port number. I’m actually planning to use both of these and access them via Heresphere but is stash now to be found internally? I’m just in the process of updating from a very old Heresphere (0.7.2) to the latest version. I’m definitely up for the most streamlined solution.

So both Stash and XBVR are now contained within Heresphere? I was just going to access both via Heresphere’s browser

No, what I meant is that with the release of a docker plugin for Stash (stash-vr), Stash works with Heresphere, funscripts and all; and as Stash handles both VR and 2D content, XBVR became just another docker to maintain. Awesome app otherwise. No negative context meant for their devs.

You probably don’t need to go the config.yaml route unless you’re deploying a non-virtualized\dockered instance. If you’re setting it up as a service, yeah the config.yaml change is the right path to look at.

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Ah great, so Stash does it all? Perfect, thanks! I’m finding XBVR a lot easier to figure out though so far, Stash is pretty impenetrable on first impressions. Although I’ve managed to import all my files (non-VR thus far) and create previews for them etc, I have no idea how to scrape sites and create tags or anything. In XBVR I’ve scraped all the major sites and been matching scenes up, even manually added VRFanService that wasn’t on there for some reason. I don’t suppose you know of a resource that explains it for non-coders?

I’ll take a look for the stash-vr plugin, thanks.

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It would be awesome if someone could write a small tutorial to get stashvr installed on a windows machine cause its pretty difficult for me atleast. A step by step tutorial would be nice.

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That is a valid point. The nice thing is that once set up, it’s far more powerful than XBVR. Filters you create in stash translate over to Heresphere as views for ease of browsing. It’s also a great aid in validating the quality of your content. My library is admittedly massive, and it has let me find content say that might be in 720 or 1080 where there is content in 4k so by looking at a Studio, you can easily find your lower quality content to refresh.

Scraping can be difficult to understand at first. You’ll want to make sure you have installed the community scrapers on top of the native stashdb sraping. GitHub - stashapp/CommunityScrapers: This is a public repository containing scrapers created by the Stash Community.

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Did you check their github? There should be base level documentation already.

They did! I found this on their discord last night. Getting Started | Stash-Docs (stashapp.cc)

Basically you have to join the discord and request membership to stashdb to get access to it. That’s as far as I’ve got for now but seems great

Thanks for this, my travel-weary brain is making a little headway. I have the stashdb access at last (found it late last night).

I am a little confused by a few things, do you mind clarifying a little for me? This github link you’ve provided lists a few directories and individual files - do I need to download each of these files individually and place them in similarly named directories where my stash is installed? Can I not just grab a whole directory and place it there? I’m mostly used to grabbing .exe files etc I’m afraid.

Also, within Heresphere is there anything I need to do other than just point the browser at my localhost? One issue I’ve had when browsing stash through Heresphere is that everything is confined to a window within the main Heresphere display as opposed to the webapi-type view that I can get using XBVR. I’ve only just upgraded to Heresphere 0.9.4 so maybe there’s something I’m missing there. VR files in stash are also only showing this way via Heresphere, just a pair of SBS images within a window of the Heresphere UI. Via the Oculus browser however 2D and VR scenes are showing up fine, but of course this probably won’t work with funscripts (though I’ve not tried yet).

I feel that success with this is close at hand, thanks for your input!

Exactly you want it all. Download the zip package it to your stash install directly. You’ll want to refresh this and update it from time to time to gain functionality for new sites or to adjust for changes. Just overwrite it fine. It provides the details for the app to reach out and extract scene name, description, actress, etc… from the various hosting services. These are largely applicable when a particular video is not already in the stashdb. You can then go into Edit for a scene, pop in the video URL, click the botton, and bang, you’ll have data, as long the site is supported that is. Which is why you’ll want an occasional refresh.

Yup, as for the VR rendering, that’s what you need stash-vr for. Heresphere will connect to Stash-vr ( in my case) which in turn connects to Stash (, and now you have a VR supported interface. Nowhere near as full featured as the regular Stash UI, but for viewing all your vids, it does the job just fine.

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Hey, thanks for this man, I’m getting there! On the scrapers link you sent, I clicked on the ‘Code’ button on the main link and downloaded as zip, then I extracted that zip, minus its top folder ‘CommunityScrapers-master’ to the root of the .stash directory, then refreshed the scrapers list and they all showed up!

Please do bear with me though as I’m not sure if I’ve actually installed Stash-vr correctly: I’ve gone to this url: GitHub - o-fl0w/stash-vr: Watch your stash library in VR. and again pressed the green ‘Code’ button and downloaded as zip - do I dump the contents of this in the .stash folder too? Or is it a separate program that needs installing somehow? I thought it was a plugin but now I get the sense that it’s maybe a separate app that works in relation to stash? If it does need installing, how do I do that?

I understand that I then point Heresphere at localhost:9666 and then point Stash-VR at my regular stash instance. I’m just not sure how to install Stash-vr in the first place. I think I’m very close to being ready to go :smiley:

Update: ok if this is of use to anyone searching in the future it seems I have to install stash-vr using Docker hub, which I’m struggling to install since it seems to require monstrous amounts of room on the C: drive and refuses to let you install it anywhere else! I’ve actually ordered a larger SSD as mine was getting a bit cramped anyway and I’ll try again when it gets here, hopefully tomorrow

yeah thats what i ment, with the docker install for the vr interface in heresphere. I got the regular stash figured out. Only a fuzz to install stashvr plugin.

I take that back. My stash is on 10000. For the stash-vr container, the main thing will be the endpoint. I’m using “” to connect to my stash.

Sorry should have asked if you’re using docker. TBH, a NAS is infinitely better for this stuff as you’ll find the storage footprint for VR media grows exponentially.

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Hey @magoo5289 can I ask you something? I have spent a lot of this weekend, on top of having pc problems, trying to set up stash-vr and was having very little luck, though I’ve gradually learned a bit about what I’m doing, and I did manage to get tweeticoat’s stash-vr-companion working, which is along similar lines, and is really cool.

The only disappointment with it is that it has nothing like the gui of the main stash app, which I have come to really love as I’ve been getting used to it, with the customisable index page for each performer etc etc to browse through. Does stash-vr have the same/similar gui to the main stash app?

If not, I might choose to properly set up XBVR for all my VR stuff, as it seems to have a similar front-end to stash, and mostly just use Oculus browser for my 2d, as it plays it all beautifully, although of course the drawback is no funscripts.

I guess I could have an instance of stash-vr (once I can get it working correctly) or stash-vr-companion set up to play 2d scripted stuff as well, or maybe I’ll just get used to not having the gui, though I really like it so far. Thanks for any info!

No, if you want the content to play in “fullscreen” mode, no, it cannot use the stash GUI as you are not actually using the website, you are using the heresphere API. You can browse the site natively, but you’ll be stuck with the framed content. That is a platform issue (Quest) and not an application issue, if you will. As stated previously though, you can create your own views and Heresphere will ingest all Studios, performers, and tags confiotued in Stash for ease of browsing. Check out their Discord if you continue to have problems. That should save you a lot of time and effort.

Without Stash-vr, another method via Heresphere would be browsing via SMB, at least you’ll not be forced to switch apps on your quest. I find that annoying. :slight_smile:

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