XToys + OSR2

I was wondering if it’s possible to add the OSR2 on XToys.app as a custom serial toy. Specifically its 2 vibration channels.
Simply adding it as any of the available toy types doesn’t do anything (I’m guessing that’s because the OSR2’s code isn’t made to understand the values XToys is sending…)

Does anyone have an idea if this might be doable?

Someone on the Tempest Discord has a modified ESP32 firmware that he says works with XToys over BT. Apparently XToys is planning on implementing TCode natively at some point, but no idea when that’s going to happen.

Hmm… unfortunately I built my OSR2 with a Romeo BLE mini, so custom firmware for bluetooth won’t work. But it’s good to know TCode might be implemented directly. Guess I’ll just wait a while.
Thanks :+1:

There is a BT radio in the Romeo board (BLE = Bluetooth Low Energy), so it could, in principle, work. You’d just need to adapt the changes made to the ESP32 firmware to the Romeo BLE mini firmware. Doesn’t look all that difficult based on the diff between the original and modified firmware, but that’s from a programmer’s perspective.

If you have access to the Discord, you might ask if anyone has already done that.

As for waiting on XToys, the mention on Discord from Tempest is that they were eager to implement TCode support, but that dates back to March. That it hasn’t been done in the intervening ~8 months indicates either that they aren’t actually all that interested, or they are not on a particularly fast update schedule.

Oh, wow. I was convinced the Romeo didn’t have BT. The more you know ^^
I don’t currently have access to Tempest’s Discord, but I might look into that then.

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