Xtoys script

Not know where should i write this question, but here is someone who can help with a simple script i need for Xtoys page and can use as a base for modify too?:

can somebody guide or make a really simple script (Im not fully understand coding this) a speech recognition script where a kiiroo keon or handy on “half” get up to half (50% of full) the line then stop, and on each “down 1” it get slowly down 10% from that point then stop there for each “down2” get 20% down from actual point then stop there so like a plunger and in “full” get from the actual down full down to 0% position, so be clear i not need to auto stroke between and the stroke lenght decrease…yust simply get position from 1 to 2 without other auto strokes or anything

Thanks more time if someone can help, also PM ok too…

Like this? Sorry I am not really getting your question. I would really recommend openfunscripter to create scripts. You can find it here. OpenFunscripter - a scripting tool - 3.2.0 release

Thank you, but the thing is that you not understand my question is that i not asked for a funscript but for a Xtoys script XD.